SAFe® is one of the most convenient Agile methodologies at present. It has taken the enterprise agility world to a different tangent. Do you wish to boost your career in the field of Agile project management or product development? Then Leading SAFe Agilist Certification is what you need!

Listed below are a few ways in which the SAFe certification will help you advance in your career.

  • Assures an evident hike in your salary

SAFe Agilist Certification comes with a promising salary package. The hike in your salary will be quite evident and rewarding. According to statistics, your certification can get you paid 25% more than the rest. According to a survey, SAFe Agilists working in the USA get a salary of 80,000 USD to 135,000 USD per annum. Also, your salary has a scope of increment with an increase in your experience.

  • Adds weightage to your profile

SAFe Agilists are gaining demand in the global market. Leading SAFe training educates you about PI Planning, portfolio management, and much more. The certification attests to your knowledge and adds an extra star to your profile. And thus, you are ready to outshine in your career. Top companies prefer to hire certified SAFe Agilists over self-proclaimed ones.

  • Provides you with a globally accepted certification

Do you have plans to work abroad? Well, SAFe Agilist certification will pave your path! The certification has global recognition and acceptance. Hence, it will not only make you eligible for an international job but also fetch you the job!

  • Increases your market growth and scope

Professional SAFe Agilists are very few. Certified SAFe Agilists can access the SAFe forum and populace for a year. Here, you get to discuss the different skills that you learn during the SAFe training. This makes sure that your expertise gets the most visibility and scope in the global market.

  • Enhances your decision-making skills at an enterprise level

Decision-making is the platform on which the management of an enterprise stands. You will learn to use Lean Portfolio Management as well as Lean principles through the training. The certification prepares you to execute projects and manage the company with efficiency.

  • Helps you to manage complex projects

SAFe is so clear and trouble-free that it can handle complex projects with ease. It enables many Scrum Teams to work together and result in a complex product. It is efficient in building large solutions. But, to work in this field, you need to have a complete understanding and information of the same. SAFe Agilist certification will help you reach your goals.

  • Offers promising career prospects

The demand for certified SAFe Agilists is more than ever. Thus, an organization will offer better career opportunities to keep an employee. Working with emerging knowledge and new techniques will enhance your scope of employability. This will also increase your visibility in the global scenario.

Apart from these, Leading SAFe certification will guarantee an enjoyable work-life for you!

  • Faster Delivery- Less Fatigue

The power of SAFe helps enterprises make faster decisions and effective communication. This ensures that the focus doesn’t move from the customer’s requirements. As a result, the time-to-market gets fastened, and you don’t have to carry along the same workload for long. Hence, the work does not turn out to be tedious at all!

  • Upgraded Quality – Less Work Stress

SAFe integrates quality in each step of its development process. This divides the responsibility of keeping the quality of the product under check. And this, in turn, will ensure the successful reduction of stress among the employees. No last-minute stress for you!

  • More Productivity- More Job Satisfaction

SAFe ensures the elimination of pointless work needless delay. It strives to achieve continuous improvement. This enhances productivity, resulting in more job satisfaction. Thus, get ready to feel the zeal to work more!

  • Good Employee Engagement- More Motivation

Improved ways of working keep the employees engaged in the job. SAFe helps members achieve mastery in work and self-sufficiency, motivating the employees. Thus, SAFe Agilist certification comes with a good salary and job satisfaction. Isn’t this a complete package that you are looking for?


This list holds a few basic advantages of SAFe Agilist Certification. The certification will not only serve you now but will also be beneficial for you in the long run. It adds more value to your career! Once you pass the certification exam post the training, you will be ready to take your career graph to a new height!

By Manali