Sep 10, 2022

Polartics Gallery


Polartics is an online gallery that features contemporary works by African artists. It started as a blog dedicated to African art, culture, and politics but merged into a gallery in 2018. The mission of Polartics is to find and showcase emerging contemporary artists from Africa with extraordinary and boundary-pushing talents. It hopes to inspire and encourage African art lovers to appreciate this art form as much as the artists themselves.

Oyinkansola Dada

Oyinkansola Dada’ s polartics is an online gallery that represents emerging Black artists. The gallery focuses on contemporary Black art and sells both original and reproduction prints. The website features an interactive exhibition tour and a diverse selection of art. Prices for original pieces start at PS150.

The aim of Polartics is to promote African contemporary art and to create a space for young African artists to show their work to the international market. The gallery hosts online exhibitions, as well as pop-up art galleries in Lagos. The gallery aims to minimize costs while creating a space that is always different.

Everything Good Will Come

Sefi Atta is a Nigerian writer who gained fame with the 2004 novel Everything Good Will Come. She has also written the richly evocative short story collection News From Home, and her most recent work, Swallow, is equally gripping. Her novels explore themes of lawlessness, private trauma, and individual transgressions. The interconnections of these stories, which remain elliptical in her short fiction, are woven together in her novel with powerful resonance.

The novel is set in Nigeria, a war-torn country, and tells the story of a young girl, Enitan. She is an extremely intelligent and strong young woman who bucked the political and familial system to achieve her freedom. The novel vividly evokes the sounds, sights, and smells of Nigeria. In addition, it imparts a universal story of friendship, survival, and love.

Sefi Atta’s novel is a coming-of-age story about a young Nigerian girl named Enitan, who moves to England after a war between her native country and England. The novel also examines the conflict that exists within Nigeria after the Biafran War. It also explores the tensions between the Hausa and the Igbo ethnic groups.

Goals of polartics

The primary goal of Polartics is to promote and preserve contemporary African art and culture. The gallery hosts exhibitions both online and at pop-up galleries across Lagos. These exhibitions are temporary and rotate locations, helping to keep costs low and provide an ever-changing artistic space. The gallery has hosted exhibitions by artists from Africa and the Diaspora.

Its focus is on nurturing the next generation of African artists. Its mission is to provide a platform for these young artists to showcase their work and connect them with collectors. The organization holds three pop-up exhibitions each year and aims to develop an art ecosystem across Africa. Whether through a pop-up or an online gallery, the organization hopes to foster an environment that encourages and nourishes young talent.

While POLARTICS was originally founded as a blog that covered African politics, culture, and art, the organization decided to merge into an art gallery in 2018. The goal is to provide an open and free platform for African contemporary artists to develop their artistic skills. As a result, a new online gallery has opened featuring the work of emerging artists from Nigeria.

Future plans

Polartics is an art project that represents emerging artists from Africa. The project is not your typical brick and mortar gallery; it takes an experimental approach to curating and represents a diverse group of artists and voices. Its mission is to elevate the work of emerging artists, promote pan-African culture, and inspire the younger generation to collect art.

The aim of Polartics is to give a voice to the art of African artists and provide affordable art to the global market. The company hopes to inspire the next generation of African collectors by providing a platform free from prejudice. It has recently launched an online art gallery that features works by Nigerian and other African artists.


The art gallery Polartics for vision is a unique experience for its millennial-focused community. Unlike your stereotypical brick and mortar gallery, this exhibition space represents a diverse mix of artists and creative minds from all over Africa. The space showcases works that sidestep convention and tackle divisive themes. With its mission to empower millennials and inspire the next generation to create and collect, this gallery is a must-see for those interested in African art.

The gallery promotes contemporary African art, including African pop-ups, and online art exhibitions. The gallery’s mobile concept reduces costs and creates always-changing artistic spaces. It also features a rotating lineup of artists. With three pop-up exhibitions each year, Polartics strives to support new artists and their emerging movements.

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By Manali