Are you looking for a new hobby this summer?

If you’re someone that enjoys being outdoors, but also the tactical side of life, then paintball is probably the sport for you. These days, paintball has grown in popularity to the point that you’ll find paintball leagues in every major market. There is even a professional paintball circuit called the National Xball League.

For the beginners out there, you may be wondering what you’ll really get out of paintball other than a dirty shirt and some bruises. In this post, we’re going to give you 4 reasons to play paintball. Keep reading and you’ll see that it’s not just fun, it’s going to boost your health as well.

1. Full-Body Workout

The most obvious benefit of playing paintball is the full-body workout it gives you. Paintball gear isn’t light; you’ll need all of the necessary safety gear and a gun to participate (click here for paintball gun packages). Carrying this around for an hour or more is going to boost your core strength.

Paintball requires you to get down and dirty as well. There’s a lot of crawling and dodging involved, so you’re going to work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. It beats going to the gym because you’ll be so focused on beating the other team that you won’t notice how much work you’re doing.

2. A Boost to Your Cardio

Another main health benefit of paintball is the boost to your cardiovascular health. Paintball involves constant movement with a lot of jogging and sprinting in addition to the crawling and dodging we alluded to earlier.

Regular cardio helps to lower your blood pressure and regulate your blood sugar, which lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, respectively. It also regulates weight, promotes sleep, and strengthens your immune system, among other things.

3. De-Stress

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of paintball, there are benefits to your mental health as well. Paintball is great for de-stressing because you can vent whatever frustrations you’ve had built up over the course of the week without causing anyone any danger.

You’ll release a lot of energy and endorphins when you play a game of paintball, which can really help with mental clarity and bring more calm into your life.

4. Better Interpersonal Skills

By nature, paintball is a game of teamwork and strategy. There’s a reason why playing paintball is such a great team-building exercise for companies all over the country. If you’re going to win, you have to make a strategy and execute it.

There’s no better feeling than successfully working together with a group of friends or colleagues. It can bring out a greater sense of self-confidence and improve your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Play Paintball, Improve Your Health

Now that you know some of the health benefits when you play paintball, you can call up a few friends and organize a game ASAP. There’s nothing easy about paintball for beginners, but with a bit of practice and a few paintball tips, you’ll be up there with the best of them.

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By Manali