Accounts make, on average, more than $70,000 per year!

The job outlook and average pay for accountants are two things that draw people to this career. There will always be a need for workers in this field, so if you’re looking for a new job, it’s a great one to consider.

While the job might not be suitable for everyone, it’s sure to be the perfect match for some. Keep reading to learn four reasons why an accounting career could be your perfect fit!

1. A Necessary Job

The job outlook for this field is great because it’s a skill that will always be in demand. No matter how the economy is doing or how far technology progresses, businesses will always need someone to take care of and keep track of their financials.

If job security is at the top of your list, a career in accounting should be too.

2. Straightforward Education

Another benefit is if you study accounting, your education options are flexible. For example, you might choose to get an Associate’s degree and only do two years of schooling.

You could also continue studying to get a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s and open up more job opportunities. On the flip side, you can learn bookkeeping skills by taking a course from your home and becoming qualified for jobs that way.

If you want flexibility and the option to build on your schooling over time, you can learn accounting at your own pace.

3. Flexibility

If you become an accountant, you can count on flexibility being a part of your job. While there are plenty of typical 9-5 opportunities, you can opt for more flexible options, like part-time or freelance work.

Many businesses don’t need a person to put in full-time hours to take care of their accounting, so there are more opportunities for flexible work if you desire it. You can even take up freelancing and work with multiple clients simultaneously to maximize your income and take complete control of your schedule.

If you have children or other obligations that require your attention, this career can set you up nicely for arranging your schedule around your life.

4. Excellent Pay

Another wise reason to become an accountant is to set yourself up for a great paycheck each week. The potential for excellent compensation is high, whether you end up salaried, hourly pay, or setting your rates.

Because this career is in demand, it’s easier to leverage higher pay than if you work in other fields. 

If you want to make decent money no matter how much schooling you go through, this career path can help you do that. Your potential pay will only rise as you get more experience and refine your skills over time.

Consider an Accounting Career Today

Aside from the four benefits mentioned here, an accounting career can open even more doors for you as time goes on. 

Whether you’re looking to make a career change or launch your career for the first time, accounting should be on your list to look into if you want to make good money, enjoy flexibility, and feel secure in your job no matter what.

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By Manali