An estimated $23 billion of public funds go towards helping troubled teens every year.

If your child is struggling with emotional and behavioral problems, you want to do everything in your power to support them.

Several approaches can help your troubled teens get back on track, and acting now can help get to the route of the issue. This guide explains your options with moving forward.

Read on to learn about 4 useful resources for at-risk teens.

1. Therapy for Teenagers

Involving family in treatment for your teenager may help resolve conflicts between family members, teach the family how to support the teen, and show each family member how to avoid harmful interactions.

Group therapy also helps everyone build more effective communication skills. Explain to your family that their involvement is required for a successful outcome.

Assure Your teen that therapy will take place in a safe atmosphere, free of judgment.

2. Support Groups

You and your child don’t need to suffer alone. While supporting troubled teens is difficult, there’s a range of emotional support groups available for you. These groups are safe spaces where you can talk to other parents with similar experiences and gain some clarity on your current position.

If you want to do what’s best for your child, you need to ensure you look after yourself, too. Attending a support group puts you in the best possible position to make meaningful changes.

3. Teen Rehabilitation Centers

When you reach your breaking point as a parent, you might seek a solution that entails moving your teen to a residential program.

Often, substance abuse will be a critical factor in your teen’s emotional and behavioral issues. If you’ve noticed your child is habitually intoxicated, or you’ve found hidden evidence of drug and alcohol use, it’s your responsibility as a parent to get them the help they need at a teen drug rehab center. 

Teen rehabilitation programs combine tutoring with therapy to help your teen become the young adult they want to be.

4. Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are a type of residential academy. Typically, they are segregated by gender. Boarding schools are known for their focus on strict discipline and personal development. They also boast some of the country’s best academic programs.

A boarding school can help teens form a new outlook on life and grow into responsible and rational individuals. Not only does a boarding school education help correct problematic behaviors, but it also sets your child up for future success. 

Understanding How to Help Troubled Teens

If you’re noticing problematic behavior patterns in your child, get help now. The sooner you address the root of your teen’s issues, the sooner you can get them the emotional support they need.

Understand that it’s okay to feel confused, sad, and angry as you go through the process of helping troubled teens. Reaching out and using these resources could be the first step towards a better life for your child.

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By Manali