An astounding 97% of Americans own a mobile phone. Add in laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices, and it’s clear that we use more devices than ever before.

For many people, their smartphones and other devices are the most expensive items they carry with them each day. But unfortunately, these valuable devices are vulnerable to being broken, hacked, or lost.

With a few tips, you can keep your mobile devices safe. Read on to learn the top four ways to protect your smartphone, laptop, and other digital devices.

1. Lock Your Device

Many people store private information on their mobile devices, from credit card numbers to work emails. And if you’re not careful, the people around you could steal this information.

The best way to protect your mobile device from nosy lurkers is to activate lock and password settings. Though it can be inconvenient at times, your mobile devices should automatically lock when you step away from them or put them down. That way, a stranger or overly curious friend can’t access your device without your permission.

Be sure to also add a difficult password that others wouldn’t easily guess.

2. Browse the Web Carefully

A key part of mobile device management is to be aware of online threats.

Most devices connect to the internet, and one wrong move could compromise your entire system. To prevent online hacks and viruses, be mindful of which websites you use, only browsing websites you know and trust.

Be careful when downloading data, too. Never download files from a suspicious email or questionable website.

Finally, use a VPN when using public wi-fi. VPNs hide your device’s information, helping you avoid hackers.

3. Use Protective Cases

Mobile devices may be high-tech, but many aren’t particularly strong. One drop can easily shatter many phones, tablets, and other fragile devices.

It’s essential to use protective cases to prevent accidental breaks.

For smartphones, there’s a wide range of cases available, including some that promise to protect your phone even when dropped from several feet up. In addition to a case, it’s also a good idea to invest in a high-quality screen cover.

Laptops and tablets should also be protected with covers. Find a case made of rubber or plastic that fits on the device itself, and then get a bag or fabric sleeve to help you carry the device.

Don’t forget other portable devices, like game consoles. You can find Nintendo Switch Lite cases and other game console cases to keep your gaming system safe.

4. Turn on Location Tracking

Many device users’ biggest fear is losing their device and never getting it back.

Thankfully, many devices today offer location tracking that allows you to see where the device is using GPS. All you have to do is turn on your device’s setting (for example, iPhones have a “find my iPhone” app setting) and link it to another device where it can be tracked if lost.

Protect Your Valuable Mobile Devices

If you always have your smartphone and other mobile devices with you wherever you go, it’s essential to keep them protected from daily threats. Use the four tips discussed above to keep your device safe.

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By Manali