Hiring a professional plumber to install a new plumbing system or maintain an existing one on your residential property has several benefits. For instance, such individuals are familiar with plumbing codes. Therefore, they’ll ensure your installations and repairs are compliant with the state government regulations.  

Besides, professional plumbers have the right tools for the work. As a result, they’ll efficiently do their job to provide lasting solutions to your plumbing system. In addition, hiring a residential plumber allows you more time to concentrate on other important matters. They’ll also avoid costly mistakes you could commit if you decide to do the work yourself.  

That said, there are several residential plumbers out there. However, not every one of them can be suitable for your project. So, how can you ensure you find the best partner? You can achieve that by asking the following questions before hiring one.

  1. Can I Get References?

Any residential plumber you hire should be able to give you a few references. That’s an indication that they’ve already completed projects similar to yours in the past. As a result, you’ll develop confidence in them. 

However, you shouldn’t stop only after asking for references. Go an extra step and ask those clients about their experience with the residential plumber. Doing this will help you know what kind of services to expect from the plumber you want to hire.  

You can also read online reviews to get more information regarding your preferred plumber. This also lets you know what other customers say about the plumber. Ensure you select a positively reviewed residential plumber. For example Fergusons Plumbing company and other similar firms have attracted a lot of positive reviews online. You can consider hiring one of such service providers.   

  1. Are You A Licensed Plumber? 

Asking about the license is another critical question to ask before hiring any residential plumber you find on the market. This is crucial since some people offer plumbing services without proper certification. Any company providing plumbing services without an operating license isn’t legally established, and you should avoid such firms. 

One of the reasons you’d want to ask about an operating license is to ensure that any person you hire is knowledgeable in plumbing. And therefore, they’ll provide the best solution to your plumbing system. Before you hire any residential plumber out there, confirm whether they’ve got a license from the state.   

  1. How Long Have You Provided Residential Plumbing Services? 

Confirming the possession of an operating license is necessary to ensure you’re hiring a genuine plumber. However, that alone might not be good enough to ensure you get the best service provider on the market. It’d be wise to go the extra mile and ask about their duration in that sector. 

The reason you’d like to ask about the duration is to confirm the level of experience. Hire the most experienced residential plumber on the market to get better services or solutions for your plumbing system.  

One of the best ways to determine the experience level of a particular residential plumbing company is to research to know when it was established. Experiences increase over time. Therefore, a professional with many decades or years in the plumbing sector will have more experience than those who started recently.  

  1. Do You Provide A Warranty For Your Work?

Sometimes a plumber can fix a problem in your plumbing system only for the same issue to re-occur after a few days. That may force you to spend extra money on the repair. However, you’d have avoided incurring additional costs by hiring a residential plumber who provides a warranty for their work. Strive to work with a plumber with a good warranty for their work. 

  1. Have You Insured Your Workers Against Any Job-Related Risk?

Working on a plumbing system involves the use of sharp objects and other dangerous tools. And sometimes, an accident can occur, leaving individuals working on your plumbing system with injuries. That can hurt your finances since state law requires you to compensate any person who sustains injuries while working on your residential property. But you can avoid spending extra money by hiring a plumber who has insured their staff. That’s why you need to ask about insurance. 

A plumber who has insured their staff against any job-related risk ensures you aren’t responsible for any injuries. Their insurance company will be responsible for compensating any worker who suffers injuries while fixing your plumbing system. As a result, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.  


Sometimes selecting the right residential plumber can be daunting. That’s true, especially if you haven’t been in a similar process in the past. But by finding answers to the above questions, you can be guaranteed to hire the best plumber on the market.  

By Manali