There are nearly 21,000 available jobs each year in the field of radiologist technician, offering the right amount of opportunity and competition for new or soon-to-be educated individuals. 

If you are considering becoming a technician or are one currently then an AART certification can help you in this growing field. 

Read on to discover 5 reasons why getting certified is the right decision. 

1. Display Your Specialty

The best part about getting ARRT certified is that you can focus on your specific job track. This allows you to choose from up to 15 curriculum paths using primary or post-primary disciplines. 

While the exams are common, you do get specialized education focusing on your interests and professional goals. Plus, you will choose a learning track that best suits your educational background. 

2. Learn New Skills

Another benefit of continuing your education and training with an ARRT license is that you gain new skills. Although you may focus on your specialty, you also get to work with other equipment outside your field like mammogram and CT (computed tomography) machines. 

You may learn that you enjoy working within a certain section of radiology that you never knew before. 

3. Register with a Professional Organization

After getting certified in ARRT radiology you will be able to register with a professional organization of RTs (radiology technicians.) This means that your credentials can be easily verified. 

You also get the perks of being part of a community of colleagues with ARRT certifications. This gives you access to jobs and networking events as well as newsletters with latest the research and studies available. 

4. Stand Out in a Job Interview

Candidates who have ARRT licenses stand out from those that do not in an interview. While it is not a requirement for some jobs, it does show your potential employers that you are serious about the profession. 

Since an associate’s degree is the only educational standard for radiology technicians, an ARRT certificate shows that you have taken the highest step in advancing your education and skills. 

5. A Requirement for Some Employers

As more people get their ARRT CE credits online and become certified more employers are now making it a requirement. You may find that some jobs will not hire you unless you are registered with the ARRT. 

If you do not want to miss out on your dream job then getting certified is essential. Having this license on your resume will immediately put you in the top stack instead of in the garbage if the company requires it. 

Getting Your ARRT Certification

If you decided by now that an ARRT certification is a necessity to boost your skills and career in radiology then get started today. Do so by checking that you meet all of ARRT requirements to enroll and complete the certificate, including its educational, ethics, and exam requirements. 

Be sure to check out our education section for inspiration if you are changing careers or looking for more educational tips. 

By Manali