It is okay to mix and match bedroom furniture. Doing this gives more interest and fun to your bedroom. How do you go about it and still make the bedroom style make sense? Mixing and matching can bring up issues. But it helps to create one cohesive look. Pulling and piecing the different colors and styles together is vital. The point of mixing and matching is to give a unique and different look to everyone’s space. Plus, ensure you are finding good quality furniture to use. Below are tips to help you with the mix and match of your furniture pieces. 

The bed 

The bed is the whole purpose of your bedroom, and it should be the focal point. Therefore, no matter how you plan to arrange your room, your bed should stand out. To do this, avoid matching your bed with any other furniture piece in the bedroom. Otherwise, it is going to make the space look uninviting. If you have metal or wood furniture pieces, an upholstered bed breaks up the hard finishing and softens the bedroom look.

 Start with one furniture piece

Before you start your mix and match, you already have a piece of furniture you love. Start with this first piece and work from that to other furniture pieces. More so if it is a second-hand piece or an antique. What better way to start your bedroom space around a unique and special furniture piece? In this way, you can pick up on the style you want for the other furniture pieces for the room. 


Consider repetition and find a finish, shape, texture, a color that you can find in other pieces that you choose for your bedroom. It could be a hardware finish or a curved shape that you like on the furniture. Repeating an element in your pieces or some of them is one way to bring the whole bedroom look together. The idea is to relate the furniture pieces to each other even though they will be different. For instance, if you choose a material for the dresser, you can repeat the color or hardware to another furniture piece. 

Match pieces

Some furniture pieces can match. This tip is vital if it is the first time experimenting with mixing up furniture styles. However, avoid making it as obvious and matching the larger furniture items together as these pieces are the ones you see first as you enter your bedroom. The best option, to begin with, is matching nightstands. The nightstand is smaller in proportion to a wardrobe or the bed. Therefore, as long as the bed is the focal point and has a different finish and style, it breaks the pair up. Still, you can match other pieces you have depending on the look you want to achieve in your bedroom in terms of matching furniture pieces. It should not have to be an exact pairing.

Vary furniture 

Mix up the styles, shapes, and materials of some furniture pieces. Try mixing rectangular shapes with round shapes in the bedroom and the styles you like. Also, you can mix heavier furniture pieces with lightweight ones. And pay attention to the surrounding furniture in your space and find a way to mix it up to fit your tastes and liking. Choose what is suitable for you and functional for your bedroom space. Remember, you cannot use varying furniture as decor pieces. It must serve its purposes in the room as well. 

To sum up, when it comes to mixing and matching furniture styles in your room, it is all about having a bit of balance. When you have few details, the space feels like something is missing. Too much of the same is not uninteresting. Also, consider the room size and the proportions of your pieces. This helps you figure out if you are leaning too much to one side or not. But once you get it right, you are sure you have the room that suits you. More importantly, down the line, when you need to change up rooms in your home, using these bedroom styles will give you flexibility. 

By Manali