Many marriages experience sexual problems at certain stages, but the couple’s willingness to communicate effectively and work together to solve these problems is crucial.

It’s also pertinent for couples to be self-aware and quickly notice their partner’s needs even when it’s not said. Because not paying attention to these sexual problems can cause distance between couples and ultimately, divorce. 

And if you want to properly solve some of these problems, a compounding pharmacy is your right plug.

What Are The 7 Common Sexual Problems In Marriage?

  1. Sexlessness or low frequency of sex

Some couples have resigned their absent sex life to a fate and this sexlessness can be caused by different issues, like resentment, loss of sex appeal or drive, and differences in sex timing. You should try to tackle these problems with a sex therapist. 

Also, because of a busy schedule, there is low frequent sex in some marriages which later leads to major problems.

Balance is the key to success in life. As much as your work is important, your partner and sexual life are also important.

  1. Lack or insufficient foreplay

When some husbands want to have sex, they go directly to penetration without trying to establish arousal in their partners. Women have a different makeup from men, such that when there’s no adequate foreplay, they wouldn’t enjoy the sex.

Foreplay can be done through hugging, passionate kissing, touching, and sucking your partner’s body.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

This is the inability of a man to have or maintain an erection. If a husband has this condition, it can be disappointing and frustrating to their partner.

However, their partners should try to be encouraging enough and walk through the process of solving erectile dysfunction together through professional help. This is because a good psychological state of the husband is needed to see positive changes.

  1. Constant initiation by one partner

If a particular person is the one that usually demands sex in marriage, it can become tiring and even breed the feeling of not being appealing to their partner. Many times, husbands are usually in this situation.

Effective communication needs to be established between the couple to find solutions to the problem.

Sex initiation by both partners is intriguing and can lead to the best sexual experience.

  1. Absence of emotional connection

In case of conflict, both partners might not be in the mood for any sexual activity. 

This is because sex doesn’t start from the physical state, it starts from the mind. So any negative thoughts can impede the enjoyment of sex, and establishing an emotional connection is important.

  1. Painful intercourse

Some wives experience painful intercourse due to insufficient foreplay, a partially intact hymen, pelvic muscle tightening, or vulva or vaginal infections. 

If after the first sex, the wife still experiences pain during sex, seek professional help. 

  1. Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition that occurs when the husband reaches orgasm too quickly during sex. And this leaves their partners hanging and unsatisfied.

It can be caused by physical and psychological factors which can be solved by visiting a standard hospital for treatment.

By Manali