Do you consider yourself a cat person? Welcome to the club, whether you love to have them as a pet, feed them, play and take care of them, or you only like to see them due to the mysticism of their appearance, you agree that cats are just amazing and cute creatures. Loving cats might actually tell some interesting facts about your character, as scientific studies show. Perhaps you consider yourself a curious person who enjoys using your creativity in artworks, and you may feel like a nontraditional thinker. 

Now, if you are the kind of person who likes to reflect their personality on the items you use, then it can be a cool idea to get your personalised lap tray. As you probably know, lap trays are very useful tools that you can use for a variety of activities inside your home or outdoors, having the ability to keep a neutral posture and be more productive. In this article we will share some important information about cats & kittens cushioned lap tray that you need to read if you are a car person.

1. Siamese Cat with Blue Eyes Cushioned Lap Tray

Who does not love Siamese cats? Even dog persons agree that these kittens have something that makes them special. These lovely creatures are very popular because of their graceful and elegant image. Having a lap tray with this image will be a win for you.

2. Curious Cat Peeking over Table Cushioned Lap Tray

Cute funny cats are always pleasant to admire, and this precious tricolour kitty peeking over the surface of the lustrous brown table is not the exception to the rule.

3. Black Cat with Orange Eyes Cushioned Lap Tray

Contrary to what people used to think years ago, today black cats are related to good luck in a lot of regions. For example, in Japan black cats are believed to bring ‘good luck’ to single women, as people believe that the black little feline will help her get good prospects. Anyways, this beautiful kitten will look amazing on your lap tray.

4. Birman Burmese Cat Walking thru Autumn Leaves Cushioned Lap Tray

The Briman is known to be a friendly, homey pet who loves to interact with people, so having it on your lap tray will make you feel cosy vibes.

5. Intense Prowling Tabby Cat Cushioned Lap Tray

Selecting the image of a cuddly, cute tabby will make your lap tray look 10 times more beautiful.

6. Snow Leopard Cushioned Lap Tray

This is a great alternative if you like the sporty side of felines, it will also look elegant at your home.

7. Begging Tabby Kitten Cushioned Lap Tray

Let’s face it, tabbies are already cute, so, if we add that it’s a kitten and on top of that we see it in this pose, then the lap tray will be just irresistible.

8. Playful Tabby Kitten Cushioned Lap Tray

Tabby cats are often described as wonderful pets, with a whole lot of love to give, and this illustration on the lap tray is definitely the perfect example.

By Manali