It’s always nice to have a reliable mobile game to entertain yourself, but all too often we become bored and delete them only days after installation. Here are some titles that will keep you engaged for a long time by offering an escalating challenge, as well as an excellent replay value.


Originally created for the PlayStation 4, Inside follows a child exploring dangerous environments, and solving puzzles in order to make progress. The original game was an immersive and scary experience, and the smartphone port seems to have preserved it surprisingly well.


The game has a simple set-up: you are given an arrangement of hexagons, each one with a particular color and link. Then you have to rotate or move them around until every single one is connected to the others. This may seem a bit simple, but the designers have managed to insert a great number of puzzles that can get surprisingly challenging, forcing you to spend days trying to solve a single level.


One of the most underrated puzzle games out there, Transmission asks the player to complete circuits by making connections between nodes, without losing data. What makes this game unique is that it uses its mechanics to teach the player about the principles of communication networks, starting with a simple telegraph, and then moving into computers and even T.V. broadcasts.

Starfront Collision

Many games try to replicate the experience of playing a good real-time strategy title on a desktop computer. But if there’s one title that comes very close to doing it is Starfront Collision. The game has been compared to the Starcraft series, as it requires collecting resources and using military units like futuristic tanks, aircrafts, and armed soldiers to defend it.

Mini Motorways

If you live in a big city, you know traffic jams can be a terrible and persistent problem. Mini Motorways allows you to solve transport issues in a small and cute town. The game is pretty straightforward, but as you play you will discover more creative and efficient ways to solve old problems, giving it an extraordinary replay value.


In Politaire you are given five cards, while three others are taken from the deck. Your objective is to choose which cards to discard and replace with the ones revealed, in order to form the best possible poker hand. It’s really easy to learn, but also surprisingly fun and relaxing.

World Series of Poker

The World Series Of Poker is the real poker world’s most famous competition –– one that draws thousands of players and fans to Vegas on an annual basis, with prized bracelets and heaps of cash being doled out to the winners. This game does a great job at replicating that experience, offering different ways to play the game, and even giving free chips regularly so that you can keep playing.

PUBG Mobile

Smartphone ports of third-person shooters have improved considerably in recent years, and PUBG is no exception. The game drops you on an island where players have to kill each other in a “last man standing” match. The catch? Every so often the combat area starts to reduce, forcing players to run and risk being seen by others.
Sometimes you want to take a break from work and play an engaging game on your phone, but the market is filled with overrated titles and ad-filled apps. But these games will offer you days and months of enjoyment, transforming your casual game session into an immersive and exciting experience.

By Manali