With digital marketing in full bloom, brands and companies today employ stunning visuals to improve brand awareness, convey a message, advertise a product and generally grab eyeballs! So, it is logical that graphic designers who bring informative text and attractive visuals together to project experiences and ideas are having their moment in the limelight.

Such is the craze that there are several online design courses you can take today right from the comfort of your space that will help you land a profitable job with a top brand. These provide you with hands-on experience with real-world projects, build a job-ready skill set and support you while you find your dream job. However, before you go hunting for a course, here are some things you should be clear about as a beginner in the field. 

What is graphic design?

Graphic design creates impactful visual displays that allow a brand to establish its unique tone and identity and stand out from the crowd. Stunning visuals can also help convey a message better and let businesses create a lasting impact. This is especially true when brands and companies use eye-catching displays to influence consumers and increase their popularity. 

You can become job-ready by enrolling in a practical online graphic design course that will teach you to create beautiful and easy-to-navigate engaging web pages, use diverse media like digital, print, etc to deliver success in marketing campaigns as well as the know-how of building a brand identity.

Possible career paths

An online course on graphic design can help you become a graphic designer, brand manager, marketing communication expert, social media manager, UI designer and so much more.

How rewarding is it?

With the rising need for stunning graphics to create brand awareness, no wonder there is a high number of job openings for graphic designers in India. Precisely 10,000+ as of September 2022 (LinkedIn). A leading website also pointed out that the average annual salary of graphic designers in India is approximately Rs. 9 lakh. Hence, it is highly a wonder that graphic design courses online are booming. However, choosing the right one can make a massive difference.

How to pick a course?

Whether you choose an in-depth, full-time course or a fast-track one strategically designed for working professionals, make sure you find one provided by a reputed academy. Besides this, a course that aims to provide a unique classroom-like experience even when you learn remotely and allows you to interact with a host of experienced mentors who can guide you through several avenues and provide you with active feedback is always preferable.

Additionally, look for a graphic design course that offers the requisite software skills to build a professional portfolio. You can even consider the ones with an assured job guarantee that lets you secure an opportunity to work with the top brands.

By Manali