Investments are one of the ways to earn passive income today aside from working. One popular investment that is making waves among many is Cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies were invented with the sole aim of making money through the internet.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money used for online trades. They work based on a technology called a blockchain. This technology is decentralized, so investors can manage and record their transactions without regulations.

There are several types of cryptocurrencies available in the technology world. Some popular currencies include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. A fast-rising and new crypto that many are considering today is PKT cash. This crypto works by using your internet to mine for its coin. If you would like to understand how this works, check out for more information.

To further assist you in understanding what PKT cash is, let us discuss what it is, how to mine it, some benefits as well as cons of the crypto. Let’s begin!

What is PKT Cash Crypto?

This is a decentralized coin that allows users to receive payment or profits from their internet data. This coin helps you to gain from your extra bandwidth. You also avoid issues with your internet service provider.

For years, the internet service provider has exploited many people for their money. You would pay the ISP for internet bandwidth and end up not using it before it expires. The ISP wouldn’t sympathize with your failure to exhaust your bandwidth, instead, they would disconnect you from their server. PKT helps to avoid such a situation.

It is estimated that more than six billion coins in the PKT crypto reservoir. One can say that it would take a lifetime before one person can completely mine it. The blockchain pays users every 60 seconds and it does so based on a packetcrypt called proof of work. 

How to Mine PKT Cash Crypto

This involves two simple steps. All you need to have is a working computer with hardware and enough internet bandwidth, then you are good to go. The two steps in mining this crypto include:

Announcement Step

The first step to take is announcement mining. If you are new to PKT, it is wise to start from the announcement step.This process requires you to send messages in the form of hashtags to the network. The computer in close proximity to yours would receive the messages and carry out the next step. It is vital to send correct and accurate hashtags that are packetcrypt or else you wouldn’t receive a payment. If you would like to see how this works, you can watch this video.

Block Step

The work of a block miner is to collect and validate the credibility of the hashtag messages. To attain this level, you need to improve your computer’s hardware to an optimum degree. This is because of the complexity and intensity of this step.

Block miners also make sure that the announcements are packetcrypt so that they can be eligible for payment.

How to Get Paid

Miners are paid in PKT cash crypto. The payment is made according to the proof of work. This packetcrypt would show evidence of their work and how much PKT coin they should earn.

Benefits of PKT Cash Crypto

The following are some of the things you would gain from this digital money:

Earn Passive Income

The reason why you make investments is to gain an income. This is also why you should consider the PKT cash coin. You gain passive income from your use of the internet. This is enough reason for you to start this investment today.

Fewer Investment Risks

When it comes to Packet Cash, you don’t need to use your money to invest in it. This way you avoid any monetary risk. All you need is your unused internet bandwidth, not money.

Long-term Returns

If you want an investment that gives enough returns in the long run, PKT is a great option to consider. You would not be scared of losing money. You can keep mining for years and receive rewards.

No Central Body

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning that there is no central body or organization that governs how it operates; whatever decision to be made regarding the coin is done by its owner. You can learn more about this critical aspect of PKT cash crypto here:

It is a New Blockchain

This asset is not yet listed so its price is relatively still low. Like every other altcoin that started from being unlisted, you can be sure of a price increase when it gets listed. If you already own packet cash before it is listed, you will gain many profits.

Cons of PKT Cash Crypto

Anything with benefits would surely have some downsides; this is true with the packet cash crypto. Here are some cons of this coin:


This is what makes PKT endearing to many; investors have full control of the asset. However, this is also a big disadvantage. Since there is no central organization that monitors the transactions, this crypto is prone to laundering and evasion. Also, when you have an issue, you might have no one to sue or complain to.


Hackers are always keen to gain access to other people’sdevices and steal important information. Since the mining of packet cash takes place online, it is exposed to cyberattacks. It is important for you to be cyber alert when mining this asset.


Now, you have known what PKT cash is and how to mine digital money. You have also known what to gain from this investment and some of its downsides. If you want to gain from using your internet, it is a good idea to invest in PKT today.

By Manali