Barack Obama made history when he was elected the 44th president of the United States. He’s forever linked to Mitt Romney, as they campaigned for the presidency against each other in 2012 when Obama sought re-election. 

This was Romney’s biggest time in the spotlight during his political career, but he’s had an extensive career outside of this stretch of time. But, who is Mitt Romney?

Keep reading to learn more about his career, politics, business ventures, personal life, and more. 

Who Is Mitt Romney?

Willard Mitt Romney is a lifelong politician that was born on March 12, 1947. He’s built an acclaimed political career in which he served several roles. There are a lot of takeaways when examining his political life and accomplishments:

Mitt Romney’s Political Beginnings

Though he received the Republican nomination for presidential candidacy in 2012, Mitt Romney’s political career had humble beginnings that date back to 1994. Romney was a businessman prior to that and did not publicly disclose any political leaning or affiliation. 

With Massachusetts United States senator Ted Kennedy apparently vulnerable in his bid for re-election, Romney decided to oppose him. Prior to this decision, Romney was a registered Independent who had voted in Democratic primaries. Once he decided to bid for Kennedy’s senate seat, he switched to the Republic party. 

While he was hoping to become the newest Senator out of Massachusetts, Kennedy won the election with 58% of the vote, while Romney received 41%. Though Kennedy won handily, it was the narrowest result of any of his previous campaigns. 

In 2002, the governorship for the state was up for grabs, as the incumbent governor announced that she wouldn’t seek re-election. Romney’s profile had risen considerably since 1994, as he took over organizing the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games hosted in Salt Lake City. The event was a success, as it had originally been expected to lose money, but profited $100 million. 

He announced his bid for Massachusetts governorship and ran unopposed in the primary. Romney ran under the Republican ticket but said his views were more moderate and progressive. He went on to win the race with 50% of the vote, marking his first major political victory. 

Romney’s Political Stances

A lot of Romney’s political stances were introduced and solidified when he served as Governor of Massachusetts. Ironically, his most notable contribution involved bringing widespread healthcare to Massachusetts, which would serve as inspiration for Obamacare down the road. 

He faced a large-scale deficit upon entering office and took heavy measures to cut spending. 

The Presidential Campaigns

Romney was given prominent placement during the 2004 Republican National Convention, which caused his star to rise even more. It was from here that he set his sights on the presidency, and announced that he wouldn’t campaign for his govern seat again once he was up for re-election. 

Going through the primaries served as a learning experience, as in the lead-up to the campaign, Romney began to adopt more conservative views than he had previously espoused as a moderate, progressive Republican. This garnered him the label of a flip-flopper, which, along with questions about his Mormon faith and relatively low profile on a national level, derailed his chances. 

When Romney ran again in 2012, he did so by largely criticizing Obama’s handling of the economy. This time, Romney had a strong showing in the primaries and would go on to win the party nomination. However, he would lose the election to Obama, receiving 47% of the popular vote, to Obama’s 51%. 

Senator Mitt Romney

After stepping away from politics for a bit and even contemplating a third presidential campaign in 2016, Romney would eventually run for and win senatorship in 2018. He ran after a longtime Utah senator announced retirement. 

Romney overwhelmingly won the primary, and then handily won the election with nearly 63% of the popular vote. He has vacation properties in Utah and had lived in the state on and off as his wife got treatment for multiple sclerosis. Romney’s ties to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints also made him a fixture in the state of Utah. 

These points, along with his national spotlight and the successful organization of the Salt Lake City Olympics allowed Romney to run away with the senatorial race. He became one of the few politicians to serve as a governor in one state and as a senator in another state.  

Mitt Romney’s Net Worth and Business Interests

In addition to his public service, you should also consider the fact that Romney has an extensive history in business. He cut his teeth working for a large management consulting firm, where he worked for several years.

Romney would go on to acquire a net worth of $450 million and build a hefty investment portfolio. 

Family and Personal Life

A profile of a politician isn’t complete without looking at their family life. Romney married his wife Ann in 1969, and they remain married. The couple shares five children.  

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A Mitt Romney Bio

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