With the development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency niches, many coin-related websites have appeared. However, not all of them are worth your attention. This is the main reason our experts put together the best websites in this industry. You can add them to your favorites if you are going to learn more about cryptocurrencies or even invest in them in the future.


This is one of the best cryptocurrency and blockchain news websites, where you can find the latest updates on what is happening in this industry. Cointelegraph stands out from other websites of this kind because of its non-standard design features. The thing is that they do unique cartoon-styled banners for each of their news releases.

Moreover, Cointelegraph’s information can be trusted as the website cooperates with talented journalists from all over the world. All the writers are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and they do their best to provide you with detailed updates.

And last but not least, CoinTelegraph offers its own “Cryptopedia” knowledge base, which, as you may guess, is a kind of blockchain-biased encyclopedia.


This is an Alpha and Omega website with abundant information about everything that is related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap is considered one of the best crypto information websites when it comes to trading and investing in coins. Here you can find detailed information and descriptions of thousands of coins and tokens that were ever created.

CoinMarketCap is a must-have website for seasoned cryptocurrency traders and investors. By using it, you can see the top trending coins and tokens and sort them according to their market capitalization, price, trading volumes, etc.

In addition to all those features, each token that you choose has a detailed description of the project as well as some useful information about the team and its perspectives.

CoinMarketCap is not only a source of information. Subscribed users can create portfolios and watchlists, which helps them better understand which exact coins may be added or removed from their investment pool.

Last but not least, CoinMarketCap provides you with information about the most popular exchanges where you can buy or sell all the cryptocurrencies that are described on the website.


This is one of the best websites for cryptocurrency traders and investors to learn more about the latest trends in various markets. Blockonomi offers various crypto and blockchain-related articles, interviews, and other useful information about this niche.

In general, Blockonomi looks like a cut version of CoinMarketCap. However, if you don’t need this abundance of information, Blockonomi offers all you need to be aware of the latest changes in the industry of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

By Manali