For a time in memory, Australia has been listed among the best places one can comfortably settle. The sandy beaches and warm temperatures have made the area famous, among other historical features. Besides, the area is among the least densely populated countries globally, making it a better place to buy a house. Many cities throughout the country have been offering property at an affordable price, giving people a chance to settle in their dream cities. Moreover, positive growth is experienced across all sectors, attracting more investors and property buyers.

If you desire to own the best residential place in AU, consider the following areas;

Gold Coast

When you think of owning a house in Australia, Gold Coast should be considered among the first places. The place has a stunning 57 kilometers of coastline and borders Lush Hinterland. With time, the site has been experiencing tremendous growth and is affordable while providing you with an excellent opportunity to acquire a house. In addition to that, tourism is experiencing a great comeback, hence raising the Gold Coast’s economy slowly. Most people prefer buying property in a place where there is convenience in transport, health facilities, recreational facilities, and much more. Gold Coast has not been left out in terms of infrastructural development, providing a better and serene environment for you and your family.


The Northern city happens to be among the best places to buy a residential area in Australia due to its tropical climate. The city has also turned into a hotspot for foreign tourists, which plays the most significant role in making it more widespread. Among other factors driving Cairns, the best place to buy property lies at visitors’ starting point to the Great Barrier Reef. The city has an airport that lies strategically, hence opening it to the major Chinese cities translating to a rise in tourism growth rate. The place is surrounded by beaches and friendly people, giving you all the reasons to settle here. 

Bribie Island

If you are looking for a place to relax on the beach, play golf, and have a great wildlife view, Bribie Island is perfect. The island is the smallest among the three major sand islands that form the coastline. If you desire to buy a retirement house, the site serves as the destination for you since the residents here have an average of 55 years. The great community in this area provides the necessary amenities and activities, ensuring that everyone in this region lives a happy and contented life.

Bottom line

There are more than enough places in Australia where you can choose to buy a house. However, it would be best if you considered certain factors so that you will not settle for a place that does not favor you. Some businesses will be better for retirement houses, while others prefer people who want to go the investment way. Social amenities are another factor to consider when choosing to buy a home. The rate at which a particular place’s economy is growing should serve as a determinant of whether the business is favorable or not favorable for you to settle. 

By Manali