Whether you have a studio apartment or you live in a mansion, you might have faced a problem while decorating a windowless wall. A windowless wall takes up most of the space including a large part of your house. It can have an impact on the entire space. What do you do when you reach a creative block and you just don’t know what to do with your blank canvas? Most people view this wall as an added advantage while some view it as a tedious task meant to be completed quickly. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to decorate this wall.

A blank canvas

Sometimes a blank wall gives you a fresh perspective on your own home. You can move around furniture, carpets, and lights to change the feel of your home completely. If you have used bold colours in your furniture and furnishings then having a plain wall is not a bad idea. At the same time if you have used a lot of colours, patterns, and layering then you cannot go wrong with a blank wall. If you are looking for painting services in Chennai to take your house to the next level then this is one of the best options you can find. A blank wall can be the perfect background for artwork so that the focus does not shift.

Go with the theme

Depending on which part of the house your blank wall is in, you can decide what can be done with it. For example, if the blank wall is in a kids’ bedroom, then you can decorate it with colourful animations, or get some extra storage space. From a bookshelf to wonderful cubbies, you can make the bedroom more colourful by adding a bit of mosaic fun. A bunk bed, a study table, and extra seating along with a double bed are some of the things you can play around with. Painted wood along with washable paint on the walls is not a bad idea for a kid’s bedroom.

Accent items

This approach has been successfully used for many years. Combine the number of accent pieces and you have a glamorous room. Add golden chandeliers, mirrors, and showpieces and include gold in other furniture like a chest of drawers to bring together all the accents. Use neutral colours on the walls along with art pieces and add a pop of colour to the rug. You can go for soft greys or for safe beige. Match your accent pieces with the smaller knick-knacks on the table and make the statement bolder and brighter.

The strength of the stencil

If you are looking to spark something of interest on your wall and don’t want to compromise the subtle background, consider versatile borders. For example, a border of a different colour on a neutral colour can be a way to compartmentalize spaces and display artwork in a continuous movement. It can also replace what wall molding does for the design of a room. You can use stencils to incorporate other elements on the wall as well.

These tips will help you unfold an endless list of possibilities for your own home. The typical Indian simple house colour combination outside each house varies from place to place. This is why India has a pink city, a blue city, and every time you see a yellow wall it is either Pondicherry or a cozy corner of Fort Kochi. The colour of walls is a strong indicator of the kind of architecture in most parts of the world. If you pay attention and execute this detail in your own home you are bound to get a stunning result.

By Manali