Low sex drive and the inability to become erect or to maintain an erection can be very stressful all on their own, but more worryingly is what is causing these issues themselves. Understanding the cause and how to address that cause and therefore treat your low sex drive is a priority for many. 

While a naturally lower sex drive than your peers is nothing to worry about, if you are experiencing a sudden change to your sex drive or other anomalies from the inability to orgasm to difficulty maintaining an erection when you previously didn’t, these can be cause for concern. Learn more about what can cause these issues and a few helpful ways to treat or manage them in this quick guide: 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive 

There are many causes for a low sex drive in men. Here are some of the most common causes: 

  • You have low testosterone 
  • You are on medications that can cause a low sex drive as a side effect 
  • You are depressed, anxious, or chronically stressed 
  • You are chronically ill or in pain 
  • You are having difficulty sleeping 
  • You are getting older
  • You have low self-esteem 
  • You use alcohol or drugs 
  • You exercise too much or too little 

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction 

The great news is that one of the easiest ways to improve your sex drive is to improve your lifestyle. 

Improved Health Lifestyle 

A healthy lifestyle is the first step you should take. Eating well, sleeping well, and minimizing intake of alcohol and drugs. Reducing or stopping smoking altogether can also help. At the very least, leading a healthier lifestyle can help you identify the persistent symptoms that you can then target yourself or work out how to fix or improve with your doctor. 

Supplements and Medication 

Supplements can be a good way to boost your health. The supplements you take can range from everyday vitamins to Dragon Strong capsules, which are a popular herbal remedy. Supplements can be used to help you target vitamin deficiencies and may help improve your sex drive and even performance in bed. As for medication, there are various options that can help you get and stay erect, but you will need to speak to your doctor. 

Address the Underlying Cause 

In more complex situations where supplements or a healthy lifestyle do not help improve your condition, then you will need to target the underlying cause. If you are experiencing a depressive episode or are chronically stressed, then there won’t be supplements that can help you without complications. Addressing the underlying cause may mean changing jobs so that you are less stressed all the way to seeking out mental health services

When Nothing Seems to Work 

When nothing you do at home seems to work, even when you target causes as much as you can with healthy living, supplements, and other holistic treatments, including therapy, it is time to visit a doctor

The good news is if you have tried everything else, you will be able to clearly understand how you feel and be able to provide a more direct list of symptoms that your doctor can use to diagnose and then treat you. 

By Manali