Due to the advancement in the world presently, we have come to see that technology is gradually taking over space through cyber inventions. But, do you know that these cyber inventions still have limitations because every data is now stored in cyberspace, and the security is still not 100%.

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The cyber security space is facing some challenges, which I would like to show you in this article. 

I know you’re ready to explore some of these challenges! Let’s go!

Common Cyber Security Challenges

There are a lot of challenges that the cyber world is facing now, but I’ll list a few for you.

Insider attacks

This is one of the major challenges the cyber world is facing. It is even possible to say that this is the attack that leads to the others I’ll be mentioning subsequently. This involves people in an organization leaking the organization’s data or involving a third party in a secret discussion. By leaking some important information, you have given third-party access to your organization or your cyberspace.

Phishing links

These corrupted links are sent to people via email or social media. What this does is that when you click on them, it gets all of your information that has been stored in cyberspace. For example, you click a phishing link, and then they get your credit card information or any vital information. That would be a loss on the victim’s end.

Software vulnerabilities

The software can be vulnerable sometimes if things are not done the right way with them. You don’t go on any site just anyhow, it could be harmful to the software. This is why you must be mindful of the kind of sites that you visit and what you connect your software to. An outsider may gain entrance.

Malware attack

Malware attacks are forms of malicious attacks injected into the system. What this does is make your system go down and not function as it is supposed to function. This is a very deadly virus attack as you’re on the verge of losing every of your data if at all they have not been lost. Be cautious of those you give access to your system. It is very important.

Ransomware attacks

These are attacks that ensure that a person cannot gain access to his or her files. This is very deadly because data might be needed at crucial times, and something like this occurs. It would be very devastating.

DOS attacks

This means denial of service attacks involving a person not gaining access to his data and then affecting work progress. This could also result from an outsider changing log-in details, which means the original owner might not be able to gain access.

Having seen all of these, I believe you are no longer aware of some of the common Cyber security challenges. It is important to note that all of these would have solutions when cyberspace’s security level is 100%.v

By Manali