In this piece, we’ll explain what a crypto faucet is and how you can use one to earn some free cryptocurrency. A crypto faucet is a site that rewards its users with small amounts of cryptocurrencies for completing simple tasks like watching ads or visiting certain web pages. The concept is quite simple: you complete a task and get paid in crypto. 

These tasks do not require any specific knowledge and are usually very easy to complete, so they are perfect for beginners who want to earn their first cryptos.

Most crypto traders or investors know how cryptos get traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges. They use several exchanges like OKX (brand) to trade cryptos. However, faucets are a new concept and help earn instead of a work done, unlike the traditional trade and earn system.

What Are Crypto Faucets?

A crypto faucet is a tool that allows new members to join the cryptocurrency community for free. In this article, we will explain what faucets are, where they came from, and how you can get your hands on some free digital assets.

Crypto faucets are like getting a little bit of change in your pocket. A crypto faucet is small but regular and consistent, allowing you to accumulate just enough crypto over time, so you start experimenting with it. 

They have become the traditional starting point and gateway into the cryptocurrency world for many people who may not have much experience or money to work with right off the bat. Ideally, once you get a taste (and appreciation) of cryptocurrencies through such offerings and do your research, you’ll want to go further down that rabbit hole!

How Do Crypto Faucets Work?

To earn free cryptocurrency from faucets, you’ll have to complete simple tasks. It means making your way around a series of websites and clicking on links or advertisements. You could also get asked to download a game, solve a mathematical puzzle, answer questions about cryptocurrencies, or watch videos.

But before you get too excited about the money flowing in from these sites, think again: faucets usually give away tiny amounts of coins at a time (think minuscule fractions of a cent). You’ll most likely need lots of time and patience before you can cash out any substantial rewards. Some sites will require that you collect enough coins to earn the equivalent of one dollar before they allow you to withdraw anything.

The History of Crypto Faucets

In the earliest days of Bitcoin, faucets were the main way to spread the word about cryptocurrency. The first crypto faucets were by Gavin Andresen. He was an early Bitcoin developer and lead contributor to the original release of Bitcoin software. He wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to get on board with digital currency and experience its potential benefits.

The faucet he created specifically gave out 5 BTC per visitor. However, when you consider how little BTC was worth in those days, it’s not as impressive as it might sound. In 2011, one bitcoin was trading for about $1!

But though this value slowly increased over time, a lot of faucet users didn’t care about getting rich from their free money. Instead, they viewed it more like an experiment or social experiment: they wanted to see if cryptocurrency could become a viable form of payment that would someday replace fiat currency completely.

What Kinds of Cryptos Are Available on Faucets?

Faucets offer a variety of cryptos, including the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash. Check out the list at Coinpot to see what’s available.

You can try out new cryptos. You may have heard about DOGE, ETC, but you don’t own any yet. Why not see if you can get some for free?

Can You Get Free Cryptos from Crypto Faucets?

Yes! While the amounts you can get from faucets are usually relatively small, they can add up over time. It is a popular way for new cryptocurrency investors to earn their first cryptos.

If you’re interested in getting free cryptos from faucets, you’ll need to find and register with a good faucet. To do this, consider the following questions:

  • Does it have a reputation for being reliable? If so, how can you confirm this?
  • Do others who have used it seem pleased with the service they’ve received?
  • How long will it take before your rewards show up in your wallet? Are there any fees involved when receiving your rewards?
  • What’s its value proposition as compared to other faucets?

A Popular Way to Dip Your Toes

For beginners, faucets are a nice way to get your feet wet in the world of cryptocurrencies. For example, if you want to learn how to use Bitcoin, you can start earning some by completing small tasks on faucets such as Cryptopia. 

Then you can practice sending and receiving Bitcoin with friends or family before attempting any major transactions. This can help you avoid the embarrassment of having your funds accidentally end up in someone else’s wallet or be lost forever.

For experienced users, faucets can provide a way to earn some extra cryptos for basically doing nothing. Many different types of faucets reward players for simply visiting a website every day and clicking on an ad or completing a CAPTCHA task. Once collected, these earnings can then be converted into other cryptos using exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.


If you’ve made it to this point, you’re well on your way to understanding the world of cryptos. You know what a faucet is, and you have a good idea of where to find legitimate ones that pay out real money. While it’s true that cryptos are emerging as an interesting alternative to traditional currencies, they’re still extremely volatile. 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world, so don’t expect to get rich off of faucets alone. These sites are a starting point for newbies looking to test the waters and learn more about how the crypto marketing agency works.

But there’s no denying the risk in investing in cryptos: it can be pretty intimidating. That said, faucets can help you dip your toe into the water without having to worry too much about losing any hard-earned cash right away. 

By Manali