Dehika – Definition and Synonyms

Dehika is a Sanskrit and Hindu word with multiple meanings. In Sanskrit, it means “flea” or “ant” and its English translation means “fly.” In English, it refers to a small insect that flies around. The word has many different uses and is used in a variety of contexts.

Meaning of dehika

Dehika is a common Hindi word, but its meaning varies depending on context and the relation of the verb to the object. The positive meanings of dehika are charm, willpower, and balance. It can also refer to someone who is quick to anger. If you are looking for a definition of dehika, you can find it in a Hindi dictionary.

The root of the word dehika is majjitum (av. +8ec), and it is also used as a noun in Hindi. In addition, dehika can mean grandmother or mother. In English, dehika is sometimes used in the sense of siri.

Pasttenses of dehika

The word dehika has various different synonyms in the English language. The Hindi word dhanuska is also related to dehika. The dictionary below provides a list of words with similar meaning in both English and Hindi. The list also includes translations for other languages. So, if you’re looking for the meaning of dehika in English, you’ve come to the right place.

The word dehika is a common word in Hindi. It has several different meanings depending on its context, and depends on whether it’s used with a singular or plural object. The word can mean ant, flea, or pandemic, although it most commonly means insect. The word can also mean good, bad, or evil.

Synonyms of dehika

Synonyms of dehika are words that are related to this word. The word itself has several etymologies, and it has several Hindi and English synonyms. The following list of words is not a comprehensive list of all possible synonyms. If you are looking for a specific word, it is helpful to check out the various other words that are similar to dehika.

The word dehika means “to catch” or “to take.” The word dehika has many meanings depending on the context, but most often refers to a type of insect. While it’s primarily used to refer to an insect, it also has other meanings in Hindi and Sanskrit. In addition to being an ant, it can also mean a flea or a pandemic.

To find a proper English translation of dehika, consult a Hindi English dictionary. It contains a list of related Hindi words and their English translations. Many Hindi-English translations will also provide you with a translation into a variety of languages, which can be especially helpful if you’re learning Hindi.

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