Vapes are popular, to the tune of becoming a $6.09 billion business today. It’s an alternative that people turn to for its convenience and the sheer amount of options. 

Aside from flavors and cartridges to choose from, there are also many different types of vapes that people use. Below you can get to know a few of the many types of vapes on the market today. 

Vapes for Cannabis Products

When you’re talking about vaping, you’ll generally need to distinguish whether you’re trying to vape cannabis or tobacco. Cannabis vapes are crafted and intended for use with different types of cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabis products. 

With the advent of Delta 8, people are using all sorts of hemp and cannabis products with vapes, taking full advantage of the blend of cannabinoids that come with the plant. This is an excellent way to discreetly ingest cannabis when you’d rather not smoke it openly. There are different blends of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains that you can take advantage of with any vape device. 

Vapes for Nicotine

Many people also use vapes for nicotine products. Smokers trying to quit sometimes switch to vapes in the interim, or transition to vapes full-time if they prefer to do away with the harshness of the smoke. 

It may also provide a nice change of pace from cigarettes, which generally don’t feature any kind of flavor, while vapes come in flavors of all different kinds. 

Disposable Vapes

Aside from the type of material you’re vaping, consider the style. Disposable vapes are a favorite for nicotine and cannabis vapers because there’s no setup, installation, or maintenance. These vapes already come filled with whatever type of oil or liquid you’re going to vape, and are activated as soon as you inhale. 

They are finished after use, so if you prefer multiple-use vapes, you may choose other styles. 

510 Thread Pens

The 510-thread battery is one of the most popular vapes available due to its versatility. It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that has an input for any type of vape cartridge you want to use. Simply purchase a cartridge, screw it on, and turn on the battery, and it will heat the liquid and allow you to vape it. 

These batteries typically come with different temperature settings as well that you can use to make sure you’re not burning your throat or sinuses. 

Dry Herb Vapes

Many people still enjoy the feeling of enjoying their dry herb, even if they’re not smoking. There are dry herb vapes you can purchase to consume your cannabis flowers or tobacco leaves. 

This is perfect for the cannabis consumer who wants their strains as pure to the source as possible. 

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Shop Different Types of Vapes

These tips are worthwhile when you’re learning about the different types of vapes on the market. The only thing left to do is reach out to a shop that can sell you whatever kind of vape you’re looking for. 

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By Manali