Are you a hiring manager looking for the best possible way to find the best employees out there? Then get in here. Studies have shown that 1 in every 4 individuals on earth has a disability; it might be a visible or invisible disability.

As your organization’s HR, including people with a disability in your job adverts, gives room for recruiting top talents. With this, you are sure of hiring based on merit and not on convenience.

We all have a role to play in removing barriers to finding top talent; from the hiring manager to the copywriter, we all have a role in ensuring an inclusive workplace that values all potential employees.

Why Disability Inclusion?

Any business that wants to keep evolving will definitely see disability inclusion as a vital part of the business. This way, you won’t miss out on any special talent since all candidates will be treated the same way.

Also, businesses without disability inclusion lose out on top talents; once your candidates sense that your company has no disability inclusion, then they look elsewhere. These top talents might end up with your competitors.

Businesses that are proactive with the disability inclusion policy also boast good employee retention. They provide all the programs necessary to scout top talent and create a healthy working environment for all employees.

How To Remove Barriers To Find Top Talent And Enhance Disability Inclusion In The Workplace

Show That You Are An Equal Employer

You can’t be preaching about a thing and be practicing another thing. For everyone to know you’re an equal employer who supports disability inclusion, then you need to show the whole world.

As an equal employer, your job adverts is an efficient way to show that you support the movement. It could be included in your jobs that “all qualified individuals irrespective of their condition will be considered for the post.” This will pass a strong message to the business world.

Another great way is to ask for the permission of any employee with a disability that you’ve already hired to share his story so it can motivate others like him to apply for jobs.

Take The Proactive Step

The saying “once bitten twice shy” is a perfect way to explain this. Most people with disabilities have faced some bias from employers, which could make them reluctant to apply for job adverts even when it clearly states that people with disabilities can apply.

So, as an employer who wants to remove the barriers to finding top talent, you will need to do more than just placing job adverts but take proactive steps like combining forces with organizations that deal and cater for them.

Remove Barriers

Most of the organizations we have today do not consider people with disabilities. This might be unintentional but ranging from the building structures software to languages, most do not support disability.

Start by removing the movement barriers for them; you can create a route for them separately. Employ inclusive language in every memo and across all communication mediums.

Ensure that all your software is fully accessible by them, so they don’t feel segregated.

Educate Your Hiring Team

As an employer, train your hiring team to develop an unbiased mindset towards hiring candidates with a disability. This way, all workers will develop a healthy working relationship.

Also, if you’re entering new territory with your business, the use of International PEO is strongly advised.

International PEO will save you the stress accompanied by the complexities of establishing your presence in the new territory without setting up an entity.

Since you will be entering an agreement with the International PEO, and as an employer that values disability inclusion, you can communicate the company’s policies, which is inclusive hiring. That way, they can help in recruiting any capable hand irrespective of their condition.


Employees value diversity a lot, so enhancing disability inclusion in the workplace makes them feel safe and boosts their morale to work harder, which increases employee retention.

Lastly, your company’s vision and mission say a lot about your business. Customers who see that your business values top talent with a disability will speak well of your business to others which will increase your sales.

By Manali