Do you think over-the-counter medicines are good? What do you think about over-the-counter medicines? Do you know that as much as these drugs are legal, they can be abused just like illegal drugs? Do you want to find out the disadvantages of OTC medicines? One of the glaring problems to their use lies in how easily people can abuse their use. Visit inpatient rehab new jersey to see how you can get help in such an instance.

Do not worry. In this article, you will see what over-the-counter medicines are and the disadvantages and types. I believe you’re ready to get more details about this. Let’s move!

What Are Over The Counter Medicines? 

These are drugs that people have access to even without a doctor’s prescription. They are legal drugs that people take whenever they feel funny. One of the things to check out for these types of drugs is that they can be abused just like illegal drugs.

They can be abused because people may want to take an overdose just because they want a speedy recovery. It is very wrong to do this because you are unaware of the side effects they may have. Do you want to find out the Types of over-the-counter medicines? You’d get to see that in the next subheading.

Types Of Over The Counter Medicines

I know you might be mentioning some of them in your head already because 70% of individuals worldwide are guilty of this. Let’s see the types of these drugs:

Drugs For Pains

These are called pain reliefs and can be gotten in pharmacies and provision/grocery stores. Pain reliefs are simply drugs that, when taken, would help to ease pain, be it headache, muscle, joint pains, etc. Most of the time, people might not be getting the desired result they want, which would lead them to take it excessively, and that alone has a serious side effect.

Energy stimulants

People abuse drugs like this all in the name of trying to work and meet deadlines thereabout, but it is actually not good. Stimulants should not be taken in excess as they can lead to a state of addiction, and no doubt it would get really worse when you try to opt out of that addiction. In other words, do not take it in excess and also try to get the doctor’s prescription before using it.

Cold and flu drugs

This is another common type of abused medication in the world now. When people start to cough or have catarrh, they tend to use these cold drugs, and when they do not get the desired results, they resolve to abuse the drug. Very wrong!

Let’s find out the disadvantages of these drugs.

Disadvantages Of Over The Counter Medicines

The disadvantages of these medicines include:

Chances of stroke

There is a high chance that a person can suffer a stroke if he/she keeps abusing drugs. Some of these drugs contain chemicals that should not be found excessively in the body. No doubt, if you overtake them, you might be risking a serious health issue.


Addictions are very common among people who take illegal drugs but let’s not go with the fact that people cannot get addicted to legal drugs. If you are someone very conversant with over-the-counter medicines,, there is a high tendency you would abuse and get addicted to them if you do not caution yourself.

More health risks

Aside from the stroke that was listed at first, there are still other health conditions you might be risking because of self-medication. You have to be very cautious of how you take them and it is best you get a doctor’s prescription before taking any drug.

By Manali