For learning any skill, including driving, it is important to be able to do it correctly the first time. You will soon forget the days when your dad or mom took you to a vacant parking lot and taught you how to drive.

LTrent Driving Lessons will teach you how to drive. Driving safely and effectively is more important than ever with so many cars on the roads, more traffic, and distracted driving.

You are a driving school instructor and teach students how to operate a motor vehicle, follow road rules, and safely drive. The lessons you teach will vary depending on who your students are.

Design lesson plans, develop curriculum, assess students’ class work and driving ability, maintain driver’s education vehicles, teach in classrooms, and give driving lessons. You might instruct students in basic vehicle operation, defensive driving techniques, car maintenance, and road laws. You monitor students’ driving habits and provide assistance as required to aid them in their driving skills.

How to Become a Driving Instructor?

Follow these steps for how to become a driving coach:

1. Meet the Minimum Requirements

To be able to enroll in a driving teacher training program, you will need to hold a high-school certificate. A minimum age requirement may apply, such as 21 years for behind-the-wheel instruction and 19 for classroom teaching. Other requirements include a valid personal driving license and years of driving experience. This can vary from institution-to-institution.

2. Choose a Specialization

After satisfying the experience and academic requirements, you have the option of teaching non-commercial or commercial vehicle drivers. You can use non-commercial vehicles to transport standard cars, minivans, sports utility vehicles, small trucks, mopeds, bikes, and motorcycles. Commercial vehicles include passenger buses and ambulances.

Your specialization will determine the type and type of program you enroll in. You may need a commercial driving license to teach school bus driving. The university offers certification courses that can help you become a driving instructor. Instruction might include topics in traffic safety and classroom teaching.

3. Look for Training

Vocational schools, colleges, and government agencies offer driving instructor training programs. They are available online as well as on-campus. Your training program may last anywhere from two to three months depending on your level of expertise. Your training program could cover highway transportation regulations and protocols as well as methods to train novice and experienced drivers.

A few distance learning courses can be completed online to become a driving instructor. These programs may require you to visit campus one or two times to pass a driving skill test or an orientation session. Online classes offer many features, including live video conferencing, lecture videos, student engagement, and discussion boards.

4. Earn Instructor’s Certificate

In most cases, you will be able to submit an application for licensure. The application for licensure may also require that you obtain a high school diploma, have your driver’s permit displayed, and take part in an approved training program. Another requirement is a criminal background check. After you have submitted your application, the regulator authority will grant you licensure. A driver’s license with no restrictions and a minimum of five years of driving experience may be required before you can apply for a driving instructor license. For additional information on driving licenses, please contact your local traffic authorities.

By Manali