Improving efficiency can not only save you time and frustration, but it can also result in fewer mistakes and higher quality work. When you take the time to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel and some magic, it can benefit you greatly.

It’s critical that you have a set of Excel tips and tricks up your sleeve to improve your spreadsheet game. We are here to help! Here are some spreadsheet tips. So, read on.

Paint Cells to a New Format

Painting cells to a new format is one of the most basic and commonly used Excel tricks. It allows you to quickly and easily format a selection of cells to a new color, font, or other styles.

This can be done by selecting the cells you want to format, then clicking the “Paint” button on the toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+P” to access the Paint tool.

Auto-Fill Your Cells

To auto-fill your cells, simply type in the first few characters of what you would like in each cell, then drag the fill handle (the small box in the bottom-right corner of the cell) down or across to fill the rest of the cells.

You can also double-click the fill handle to fill the cells automatically.

Select Cells

There are a ton of different keyboard shortcuts in Excel that can save you a lot of time and make you more productive. One of the most useful shortcuts is “Ctrl+Shift” to select cells. This shortcut will allow you to quickly select a range of cells without having to use your mouse.

Simply hold down the “Ctrl” key and then use your arrow keys to select the cells you want. This shortcut is especially useful when you want to select a large range of cells.

Utilize Excel Functions

One of the most useful Excel hacks is to utilize the various functions that Excel has to offer. Functions can be used to perform simple calculations, like summing a column of numbers, or more complex ones, like finding the average of a range of cells.

Functions are a powerful tool that can save users a lot of time and effort, so it is worth taking the time to learn how to use them. There are many resources available online for users to get started with using functions.

Use Programming Languages

The ability to use other programming languages can be extremely helpful when dealing with large amounts of data in Excel.

By using popular languages like R, Python, or C#, you can easily manipulate and analyze your data. You can apply things like programmatically exporting a C# datatable to Excel spreadsheets. This can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Use Filters

Another good tip is to use filters when trying to find specific information in a large spreadsheet.

Filters can be found in the data tab on the ribbon. Once you have selected the data you want to filter, click on the filter drop-down arrow and select the criteria you want to use. For example, you can filter by values, font color, or cell color.

Keeping In Mind These Excel Tips

There are several Excel tips and tricks that users can utilize. Some of these can save time and improve overall productivity. Others can help users better organize and present their data.

No matter what your level of Excel expertise is, there are always new things to learn.

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By Manali