If someone tells you to get a social media account for your child, you would question their sanity. But before you react, ask him which kind of social media they are talking about; perhaps they mean one of the social media apps made specifically for children. Today there is an indefinite need for social medier for børn as the kids are being exposed to content on social media that is not made for them.

Based on a BBC survey, it was found that more than three-quarters of children from 10 to 12 years have at least one social media account. Kids are getting addicted to social media, scrolling for long hours, ignoring their studies, sports, recreation activities, etc. As a parent, you must be terrified that your child would be exposed to the filth on social media apps and the adverse effects that could lead your child in a harmful direction. That is why we need regulated and supervised social media to ensure that the kids get a healthy social media experience while enjoying games with friends. These social media apps for kids are the best practice platform for kids out there to train them how to use social media in the coming future.

Here your kids can play games, make new friends, change their characters’ outfits, share videos and pictures, comment on a post made by your friends and join groups with people of similar interests. Don’t worry about your kid being exposed to something they shouldn’t see, as the content moderators and filters that will remove any inappropriate content. These apps prioritize the safety of your children first and foremost.

You should get your kid’s child-friendly social media app and educate them on how to use it appropriately and the dos and don’ts.

  • Ask them regularly about what they are doing on social media and what kind of friends they are playing with.
  • Set up a time limit on screen time to practice a healthy way of using social media and not become addicted to it.
  • They need to remember that there is a real-world outside of social media, and they should not get absorbed in it.
  • Keep an eye on their daily activities to ensure that they are not being bullied or hurt.
  • Please keep a close tab and talk with your child regarding their actions on the kid’s social media.
  • Teach them that the reel life of people on social media is different from real life.
  • Please encourage them not to disclose their real name and identity to people and use their nicknames.
  • Teach them what cyberbullying is and if something of that sort happens to them, inform them immediately.
  • If they see any inappropriate content, then they should report it immediately.

As a parent, you have done your part, and the social app til børn will do its part. They will become your child’s best friends in no time, giving them the social media experience in a healthy and supervised environment.

By Manali