Graduation is one of the most auspicious events of one’s life. There would be people who would like to have a simple celebration for the graduation party, but some would love to invite their friends and family members for the convocation. Believe you me, it would feel like out of this world, when your close ones will see you achieve something. 

If any of you is currently studying in the last year, at a great institute, then he must understand that letting go of this amazing moment will be stupidity. You must make memories when your hard work pays off. It should be celebrated regardless of your grades. 

If your convocation is approaching and you are wondering about what to do to make it memorable, then we would advise you to go on creating some good invitations. As the time has changed, so now you must try some new designs for the graduation invitations 2022

In this article, we intend to share with you a few trending designs and themes. You can follow them, to craft the best graduation invites, one needs to struggle as much as they would to create a wedding invitation. So if you are stuck on how to start this journey, we are here to help you. 

Before we start, let us recall the purpose of the invitations. There can be two possible cases, as many students would be crafting these cards for the convocation; thus it is necessary for you to know when are you expecting this party. For the convocation style, the invitation will be different. To make it easier for you, we have only mentioned the styles that can go with both types of graduation parties. 

Share your childhood pics 

This will be very emotional and close to heart. If you plan on sending the invitations only to your close family members like your sister, or parents, then go for this one. All you need to do is gather some of your school photos or childhood photos. Make sure that these are with books. You might be wondering why I am not mentioning that simple childhood pictures will be fine. Well, it is to gain that emotion. Your pictures with books, pencils, or any kind of academic material will increase the intensity of the emotion. It will show your urge to study. 

Next, you must make a collage of these images, and then create the card. It is one of the simplest ideas that you can follow to craft the cards for your graduation. 

Pictures of your college 

Those studying at a very famous college cna try this. If for example, you are studying at MIT, then you may take pictures of the university, then of the department, and then make a collage. It is also a simple but very impactful card. 

An illustration 

It is trending these days, those who are into arts or have friends who cna make such cards for them should definitely try this out. You will need an animation of you wearing that iconic gown, and you can make it look more exciting by adding a few more features. It will be a fun card design for the youngsters, but we are afraid that your grandparents might be unable to understand this idea. However, if you feel that they are also going with the flow, then you may add this idea to your list too. 

Classic and simple 

Those thinking of a formal graduation invite may go for the simpler cards. You can simply choose a good prominent font, and then at the centre of the card write “happy graduation” or you are invited here etc. Such ideas would be better when you have older people in the list, as then it will be easier for them to understand the purpose of the card. If you feel that you need to make it an impactful card, then you must try pasting your picture at the end with them. I am sure you would have pictures with your parents, and close family members. 

Lastly, do not forget to mention all the details to the invitation, including the location. Many a times, people do not pay heed to the location subject, and end up in a fuss. 

By Manali