Did you know that kindergarteners receive 25 minutes of homework per day? While high schoolers could have hours of homework.

Whether your child is in high school or elementary school, homework time can be a challenge.

You want to help your child and make sure that they succeed. While it can feel overwhelming at times, it doesn’t have to be! Read this guide on the top tips for helping with homework today.

1. Start Early

Parents helping with homework will want to click here for various worksheets to make assignments easier to digest. You’ll want your child to start their homework as early in the evening as possible.

Create a schedule that your child can get used to. Don’t stretch past dinnertime. If you’re working later, have the person taking care of your child do their homework with them.

2. Build Confidence

Supporting a child’s learning and growth includes building up their confidence. Work together to figure out the first problem, and see if they can do the next problems independently. Let them know that you’re there for any questions that they might have along the way.

Have them show you the problems that they did in class. This is an excellent refresher of what they learned.

3. Keep It Positive

Let your child know when they’re doing well! If they make a mistake, don’t be hard on them. They’ll be more likely to apply themselves for future questions.

When they’re done with their homework, take a quick look at it. Tell them how well they did and that you’re proud of them.

4. Reduce Distractions

Keep phones and other electronics off. Establish boundaries for your child if they have to complete work on the computer.

State how specified times are for homework and studying only.

5. Take Breaks

Whether it’s homework or homeschooling tips, you’ll want to take breaks. Let your child go outside, play with their toys, read a book, or another activity to unwind.

Keep it structured by only allowing breaks for a certain period of time. Without breaks, your child is more likely to lose focus.

6. Get the Harder Assignments Out of the Way

Complete the more difficult assignments first. That way, your child can relax knowing that only the easier assignments are left.

Completing harder assignments could make the child feel more overwhelmed, though. TIt also requires more energy in the beginning.

Once it’s complete, there will be less stress, and they’ll feel like they’re achieving their goals.

7. Start With Snack Time

Consider starting with a healthy snack. This will ensure that your child can take a break and be more focused on homework. Avoid anything that’s filled with sugar.

A Guide on Helping With Homework

After exploring this guide on helping with homework, you should have a better idea of how to begin. Take your time coming up with a plan for your child and seeing what they respond to best.

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By Manali