mobile contact center

The call center experience plays a key role in a business closing a sale and retaining a customer relationship. Customers expect to speak with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable agents who can resolve their questions and concerns. Companies must ensure their contact centers and teams are operating at peak efficiency. Contact center technology is evolving away from on-premises solutions to cloud-based contact center as a service (CCaaS) software to accommodate remote agents. Contact centers that leverage the right software solutions can deliver a potentially impressive ROI thanks to improvement strategies that drive efficiency, improve productivity, and enhance the customer experience.

Conversation Intelligence for Agent Coaching


Conversational intelligence solutions eliminate the need to manually listen to phone calls to collect data. They automatically record, transcribe, and analyze every phone call, giving full visibility into all contact center interactions. Conversation intelligence solutions feature AI-powered analytics that pinpoints important actions during a call such as a confirmed appointment, a given quote, or a specific product mention.

Using the right business intelligence tools is fundamental to business growth. Bright Pattern technology is the simplest, most powerful cloud-based solution. Their mobile contact center app puts the power of the omnichannel agent desktop into remote agents’ devices so contact centers can adapt to a remote workforce. Remote agents can connect with customers from any geographic location via the mobile app. Agents can interact with customers via voice calls, SMS, webchat, video, and messenger apps. Any team member within the contact center can communicate directly with customers and collaborate across departments to deliver the best customer experience.

Bright Pattern’s mobile app delivers omnichannel communications throughout the company, creates a faster, easier customer experience, and connects customers directly to subject matter experts. Key features of the mobile app include built-in quality management, CRM integration, automated bot conversations, AI-powered agent assistance, unified agent desktop, interactive voice response, intelligent routing, automatic call distribution, call and screen recording, and click-to-call, click-to-chat capabilities.

Gain Deeper Customer Insights


The type of business and company size determines the staffing needs of a contact center. The larger the company, the larger the call volume the contact center will receive, and the more phone calls agents need to field. Each customer interaction generates a large amount of data related to contact center efficiencies such as pick-up times and average call duration. Contact center operations collect and store this call data to count the number of inbound calls, generate demographics, and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the contact center. Failing to dig deep enough into conversation data leaves a business vulnerable to missed data-driven call center improvement strategies that take operations to the next level.

Snowflake machine learning from phData can streamline your machine learning initiatives. Most ML applications follow a common ML lifecycle of four phases: discovery, training, deployment, and monitoring. Snowflake enables the entire ML lifecycle. The first two phases of discovery and training are supported through the Snowflake UI, SnowSQL, and the Snowflake Connector. The last two phases of deployment and monitoring are supported by Snowpark and UDFs.

Create Efficiencies in Real Time


Businesses can use insights from speech analytics to ensure inbound calls are routed to the correct places. Intelligent call routing creates a smooth customer experience while driving a higher first-call resolution (FCR) rate. Speech analytics also creates more opportunities for agents to convert customer service calls into closed sales. Customers are often misdirected and transferred to incorrect departments or agents and fail to receive the assistance they need. The insights gained from call data analysis help streamline the inbound call routing process and ensure customers experience fewer phone transfers and more efficient customer service.

By Manali