Automatic doors are so common today after their invention many decades ago. 

You can easily find one at grocery stores, malls, restaurants, banks, and even in some companies. 

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If you own a factory or a company and would want a seamless, hands-free entry for staff and customers, consider installing an automatic door. That said, I believe you find it difficult to grasp how an automatic door works. 

This article will answer your questions. So let’s dive in. 

How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Automatic doors are controlled by sensors. Just as the name implies, when the sensor detects a movement or weight of someone, the door opens automatically. 

Technology has made available different types of sensors and what they react to.

Common Types of Sensors

Sensors differ based on what they react to. 

  1. Pressure Sensors

This type of sensor triggers the automatic door when it senses the change in pressure, that’s someone’s weight. 

They are positioned as floor pads close to the automatic door, such that when someone steps on it, the door opens. 

  1. Motion and Optical Sensors

Just as the name implies, these sensors will trigger the opening or closing of the door when movement is sensed. 

It is largely related to microwave pulses or technology. They are installed by the sides of the door, and an antenna is placed at the door header to signal the sensor. 

This sensor has the challenge of not being able to sense pressure, so when someone stands close to the door, there will be an effect. 

  1. Infrared Sensors

These sensors react to the changes in temperature within the exit/entry using infrared technology. 

When an individual approaches the door, the sensor detects the heat signature, which automatically opens the door.

So if the temperature stays the same, the door remains closed. 

Having said all that, it is good to note that due to the lapses of sensors, most companies combine two or more sensors to achieve the desired result. 

So the automatic door will open when it senses motion, pressure or heat, depending on the number of sensors installed. 

So How Do The Door Open?

When sensors detect motion or pressure, it triggers a movement of the electronic drivetrain attached to the door’s panels through a cog wheel. The cogwheel is joined to rubber belts which are responsible for the opening or closing of the doors.

The belts pull the doors to slide through the rollers installed at the bottom of the door. That’s it. 


Undoubtedly, automatic doors are effective and convenient for every business facility or building. Fortunately, technicians are discovering ways to invent doors that operate by sound or a command. That would be a milestone. 

By Manali