Whenever you move to a new place, one of the first things to check out after the basic utility checks like plumbing issues, electricity, and such is the closet space. Not having enough closet space is probably a nightmare for most people. However, on the rare occasion that you do end up having a deep closet, your problems are not exactly solved. In fact, now you are left wondering how exactly you will maximize the storage space in your deep closet. If you have been struggling with making the most of your closet space and want to maximize that space effectively, this is just the blog for you. Whether it’s exploring storage solutions or just doing a simple DIY project, the options are endless, and Closet & Storage Concepts will help you explore some of the options. 

  • Add Shelves And Rods: Shelves are ideal for storing small goods such as books and souvenirs. It could even act as a storage area for extra pairs of sneakers that you store for special occasions. Incorporating an extendable track increases the versatility of rear closet shelves by allowing you to place them to optimize vertical space. You might like to consider setting up a second hanger rod if you have a lot of additional depth and a lot of clothing that can benefit from being hung. Setting it a little lower or higher can help to reduce contact between the hangers-on and different rods.
  • Add Strong Hooks: Drawers and shelves may not be the ideal option if you have 12 inches of accessible space behind your hangers. However, this does not imply that space should be squandered. Heavy-duty wall hooks could be used instead. Seasonal coats, jackets, and scarves can be stored in this fashion. Establishing the pegs in a diamond design might also help you get the most out of your storage space. Even if the rear wall’s structure doesn’t allow for heavy-duty wall hooks, a pegboard system might be worth a go. 
  • Rotate your Clothes: Use the fact that deep closets make it impossible to reach anything further back to your advantage. To put it another way, keep things you don’t use often enough in the rear and more often used stuff in the front. You can also rotate goods in kids’ wardrobes by need, depending on the age group and which toys or clothes things they’ve outgrown or aren’t ready for yet.
  • Have a Tool Ready: The upper portion of some closets can be very high, allowing things and cartons to be stacked. There’s even enough vertical space for two shelves on occasion. Keeping a tiny, portable step stool within the closet will allow you to reach higher in this circumstance. It’s not only for quicker access, but it also allows you to keep your shelves cleaner. At the very least, it provides security to remove a large package from a high shelf.
  • Stacked and Labeled: Thick plastic tote bins are ideal for storing bulky objects and stacking without fear of the top falling. This makes them an excellent choice for storing items such as old books, transitional clothing, and festive decorations, to name a few. The secret to this storage strategy is to label everything precisely. A basic label on the outside with a more thorough manifest or list taped to the underside of the lid is included. While it may take a few more minutes to fill the bins, it might save you hours of time when you really need to grab something.
  • Use the Door: Consider your closet door as an extended wall for pegs and other hanging organizers instead of just hiding storage. While many individuals may automatically hang a 16-pocket shoe organizer on the door, Kienzle warns that this can rapidly get cluttered. Nowadays, there are numerous cleaner and sleeker closet door options. Hanging hooks or little caddies might help you make the most of this valuable real estate with a little effort. Diamond-shaped hooks can be used to store many shawls and lighter jackets, sweatshirts, and outerwear. Over-the-door hanging systems that can be fixed at the top of the frame are also available. 

Deeper closets can sometimes be difficult to work with, agreed, but with a trip to your local mall’s organization section, a few nifty pegs, and your handy label-maker, you will be just fine! You will be surprised at the wide range of storage solutions available to us compared to the options available just a decade back. From in-closet shelving to adhesive hooks to aesthetic basket solutions, there is a lot that you can pick from!

By Manali