Personal injury claims are generally for cases where the third party was negligent and affected you or your loved ones, causing some injury. In such cases where an injury is due to another person’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit for compensation. If you file a lawsuit immediately after the accident, you can have opportunities to claim the settlement amount as soon as possible. 

However, some cases take time to settle, so in this article, we will understand how long it takes to settle a personal injury case. If you are stuck in a situation of injuries and are searching for a personal injury lawyer near me, you can visit various law firms available online.  

What is the Timeline for Personal Injury Claims? 

Personal injury claims can be filed immediately after the accident, and settling such claims can take some time. The immediate reaction to the accident or aftermath of this situation should be to consult a lawyer and discuss the case. You can find various settlement rooms once you discuss it with the lawyers. However, let’s look at the timeline for personal injury claims. 

  • Immediate aftermath of the injury: The main action you take immediately after the accident or the severe damage is to take medical help. This is firstly important for your health. Secondly, it will provide medical reports and evidence about your injury. 
  • Consulting an attorney: When the medical situation is clear, you can consult a lawyer to discuss your case. Lawyers can discuss and provide a solution to your issue. A knowledgeable lawyer will provide a path toward the legal system dealing on your behalf with the insurers. 
  • Launch an investigation: If you have an injury, after consulting a lawyer, they can launch an investigation process to find out evidence. It may involve studying medical reports, taking images and videos of the accident scenes, interviewing the witnesses, and other details concerning the investigation process. 
  • Discovery process: Once you have launched a lawsuit, the next step after the investigation is to discover who was at fault. Who can take the onus of an accident? There is an exchange of documents, evidence, and research in the disrupted procedures. 
  • Negotiation: The next step is to negotiate with the insurance company. Here the negotiation skills of your lawyer will be helpful for you, and therefore, you must rely on them to deal. Insurance companies try hard to overhear your claims, but with the evidence, you have to convince them of the loss and injury. 
  • Final Verdict: If there is a settlement with the insurance company, it is good, but if there is a court case, after so much deliberation, whatever will be the court’s order, you must follow it and settle the matter. 

How Long Does It Take To Settle Personal Injury Claims? 

This lengthy process can take around 12 to 14 months to settle personal injury claims. If you have robust evidence and your lawyer can negotiate quickly, the time would be less. But the ideal time for such cases is 12-14 months. 

By Manali