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Have you gotten engaged recently? Congrats! Now you have a pretty engagement ring on your finger. Are you looking for ways to keep all of that sparkle and shine looking vibrant for years to come? Well, we all know sparkler is an essential piece of jewelry. So, to increase its lifespan and preserve its beauty, you need a proper ring care regimen. Engagement rings are the most prized possession for many people, and it is vital to maintain their shine and sparkle for as long as possible. 

You can polish the diamond from many jewelry stores without paying any charges. You will also want to check periodically to ensure the diamonds are secure in their settings. You can preserve its shine and brilliance for years to come by doing this. Also, when storing your ring, ensure you keep it in a secure place. Consider purchasing your ring from a store that offers a lifetime warranty or service plan

There are a few dos and don’ts for securing your ring carefully. Here is everything you need to know or understand to keep your ring safe and in good condition for a lifetime. 

Clean Your Engagement Ring Regularly

Rings tend to build up dirt or oil that blocks the stone to receive adequate light to shine. Therefore, there is no point in wearing it if your ring loses its shine eventually. If you own a pretty cut diamond, try dropping it into a mug of warm water and mild soap to revive its luster. 

Let it sit for a few minutes to get the desired result. You can also keep the ring overnight for better results. After that, remove the ring from the mug and gently scrub the stone using a soft baby toothbrush. This will help to remove the build-up dirt or oil from it. Next, rinse and pat dry with a cotton cloth. You can repeat this cleaning procedure once every few weeks for optimal results. The bottom line is if your diamond is not clean, it will look dull and hazy. 

Avoid Exposing Your Ring to Chemicals

Chemicals have harmful effects on precious metals. It can cause discoloration or erosion. Never use bleach, toothpaste, baking soda, or harsh cleaning detergent that can cause a scratch on the stones or metals. So, it is recommended to remove your ring when using chemicals. 

Take out your ring if you are a pool lover. The pool has chlorine that is dangerous for your jewelry. Chlorine consists of harmful chemicals that can dissolve your metal in the water. However, continuous exposure to the pool water can lead the ring to wear away gradually. 

If you follow a proper skin regime every day, take off your engagement ring for that time. As for lotions, moisturizers, hair gel, or foundation contains a large number of chemicals that can harm your ring. 

Never wear a ring when applying lotion, perfume, or hairspray. It gradually erodes the setting’s metal. To be safe, you should remove your ring whenever you interact with anything that may contain a chemical. 

Avoid Putting Your Engagement Rings Through Needless Wear & Tear

Even if diamonds are the hardest metal in the world, they tend to chip, break, or tear when knocked against hard substances. So, be careful if you do manual labor or construction. Doing this sort of work can add wear and tear to your diamond. 

Therefore, ensure your ring is secure and safe on your finger next time that you are around any sharp object, edges, or power tools. Always remember better safe than sorry. 

How to Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

Avoid pulling from the top of the ring. It not only cause fingerprints on the stone but also puts stress on the ring’s head. Instead, draw from both sides of the band, avoiding the center-stone. Doing this will ensure your center stone stays clean and will reduce any stress on the top portion. 

How to Store Diamond Jewelry?

Cover in Soft Cloth

It is an age-old method to wrap your diamond ring with a soft cloth to maintain its sparkle and brilliance. It involves an easy process by taking a clean piece of a soft cloth and wrapping it around your lab-grown diamonds.

Now, use a jewelry tray or a soft pouch to keep the ring in good condition for years to come.

Prevent the Ring From Dust & Pollution

Ensure your diamonds don’t get dull from dust particles and pollution exposure. This will lead to the accumulation of build-up dirt or dust on the edges of the diamond ring. Keep the ring in a secure place to avoid dust or pollution from entering. 

Keep Away From Other Objects

Don’t keep or mix your diamond ring with other objects or metals. Keeping your diamond jewelry in a separate box is better to avoid mixing with cheap metal jewelry. Otherwise, your diamond might encounter scratches or wear and tear in the long run.

Dos & Don’ts In Caring for an Engagement Ring


•  Remove your engagement ring when going in the pool

•  Dry your diamond using a lint-free cloth or use a blow dryer

•  Handle your ring by the band only

•  Clean your engagement ring once a week using diluted liquid soap 

•  Bring your ring to your jeweler for regular prongs check once every 1-2 years

•  Wear your diamond ring every day to flaunt

•  Take out your engagement ring every night before you go to bed

•  Keep your ring on the jewelry tray/soft pouch


•  Remove your ring in public or unfamiliar places 

•  Try to wipe it with a paper towel or tissue

•  Grab or touch the center stone

•  Use bleach or other potent cleaning agents

•  Attempt to tighten your ring by using pliers 

•  Wear your diamond ring to the gym or while doing vigorous activates

•  Wear your ring overnight, especially during pregnancy

•  Keep your diamond ring with other diamond jewelry 


Your engagement ring defines your love and affection towards your partner. Hence, securing it in good condition becomes a priority. After all, you spend all these years dreaming about your perfect engagement ring. However, make sure when cleaning your diamond ring you avoid the sink or within a child’s reach. Also, the above-given measures will help many newly engaged find answers about engagement ring care.

By Manali