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The Indian economy has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. It was made possible through the growth of Indian businesses and foreign investment. For International companies, India has become the most preferred place to expand. This is why one can see new multinational companies entering the Indian market regularly. These indigenous and foreign companies are leaning towards a data-driven operational method. Therefore the demand for data science experts is also growing exponentially. This increased demand has given birth to countless institutions which offer data science courses. This article will try to explain the process of finding top data science courses in India.

What is data science?

Data science is the discipline of studying data and finding meaningful insights from them. Data science is an amalgamation of various fields of study. Mainly statistics, mathematics, and a.i based technologies. The person undertaking the data analysis process is called a data analyst. A data analyst’s job is to guide a company in the right direction and help it make calculated and data-driven decisions. A data analyst has the job of answering four questions.

  • What happened over a period? It is known as descriptive analysis.
  • Why did it happen? It is known as diagnostic analysis.
  • What will happen next? It is known as predictive analysis.
  • What should the company do? It is known as prescriptive analysis.

Let’s learn more about these data analysis processes.

  • The diagnostic analysis is the most rudimentary form of data analysis. In it, the data analyst tries to answer what happened in a set period. It is possible by tracking and analyzing the key performance indicators of a company. Every small or big company does this form of data analysis. It is like a health checkup for the company, and it shows if the company is performing better than in the previous period or not.
  • The diagnostic analysis is the next step in the process. The diagnostic analysis is done to understand and identify the fundamental actions that moved the critical performance indicators of a company. Knowing which actions positively impact the company’s performance is crucial. The company can use this insight to intensify the positive efforts and omit the negative ones.

The subsequent two analysis processes require a data science expert and enormous computational powers. This is why only big companies with deep pockets can use their insights.

  • Predictive analysis tries to predict the future outcome of a company and prescriptive analysis gives data-driven solutions to a company. Both of these analysis techniques require large data sets and computational power. Primarily machine learning and deep learning are used for this form of analysis.

Data analysts must present the gathered insight to the board of directors or managers as dashboards.

Why data science in India?

Data science courses in India have just started to get traction. Worldwide there is a shortage of skilled data analysts. Therefore undertaking a Full stack Data Science course with 100% placement Guarantee will open up vast opportunities for both the freshers and employed personnel. In India, the classes are offered at reasonable pricing. It will cost anywhere between 30000 to 50000 rs.

Data analysts are some of the most highly paid individuals. The median salary of an experienced data analyst is more than 12lakh per annum.

What to expect from good Data science courses?

A top data science course in India will cover all the necessary subjects and tools for becoming a skilled data analyst.

  • It will cover the basics and fundamentals of data science.
  • It will have lessons on dashboard creation through excel and tableau.
  • It will also teach the process of structuring and cleaning data.
  • Data science courses will also include classes on a programming language, preferably python.
  • It will also focus on various a.i technologies and their implementation.
  • It will have classes on the practical use of data science and communication skills.

How does one identify top data science courses in India?

Finding a suitable data science course could be a challenging venture. There is no shortage of institutions that are only focused on making a profit rather than producing top-class data scientists. Therefore anyone looking to undertake a data science course should thoroughly examine the system. The first important thing to notice is whether or not the institution is reputed. Does it have an experienced faculty or not?. Also, having an industry-oriented curriculum is important because most companies want data scientists that can produce measurable returns for the company. An industry-oriented course will teach the practical implementation of various data science tools and techniques. Therefore increasing the functionality of the students from day one. After thoroughly analyzing these aspects, one should opt for a data science course.

By Manali