Social media has become a new name of terror that can corrupt innocent minds. Please don’t get me wrong. However, social media can do greater good to benefit intellectual development for both children and adults. But children can be at a more significant loss if they get swayed by something unnecessary on social media. But social media is, at last, a mixture of good and evil. Children are someone for whom the world is new. It’s not that children are smart enough to distinguish good from bad. This question wasn’t as severe as back in the 1900s. But today’s education has become internet-oriented. Curriculums on iPad and tablets are compulsory for schooling. Children also want to Freunde kennenlernen online, which makes it more cautious.

And hence the question of how safe social media is for children! It gave rise to the urge and need for social media for children under 18. There are many fantastic apps available in the market for children. These apps often have parental influence and control with other great features that can even be fun for adults. No wonder parents too enjoy these apps along with their children. And if someone isn’t a parent, they too can try out the app.

Some of the best features of these apps make Social Media für Kinder safe:

1. Parental Approval

Most under 18 age social apps have a substantial parental influence. There are reasonable parental regulations. For example, if the child has to open an account, the app will email the parents. And without approval from the parent, the child can have no charge. If the child wants to add a friend, the parent must approve it first before making a friend. Because we see apps with such sophisticated parental features in this age group, it’s appropriate for at least children aged 10 to 12.

2. Data Selling

In some countries, it’s a crime to sell any data from social media from apps under 18. Mostly in adult social media, that is not a crime. Businesses openly mention that they fetched some data from social media to make a particular decision to make a specific sale. Such a thing can be seen as entirely illegal for the under age 18 section of children.

3. Moderation of content

These apps have live moderators who observe each post in real-time and make moderations. Hence any post that is inappropriate in any way is immediately removed or given suggestions to make necessary edits or changes to the center.

4. Books, Cartoons, & Videos

Some of these apps specialize in giving customized experiences to children. Hence, according to the child’s preference, they can watch cartoons and videos. Videos are usually either funny from a child’s perspective or educationally oriented. Also, you can play social media-Spiele to have an enhanced view of cartoons & videos.

5. School collaboration

Some social media apps revolve around the schooling of children. So, for example, it allows children to set up chat rooms to discuss school projects and everyday homework—also, something like an utterly customizable Chat für Kinder. Hence it’s great to have such safe apps for children as we cannot avoid social media today. But we can try to make the experience safer and enjoy it to the fullest.

By Manali