The reasons for visiting a physical therapy (PT) clinic can be many. You could be experiencing chronic pains due to old age or an injury. Some people also go to improve their strength and posture.

But how do you sieve through the 122,254 physical therapy clinics in the USA to arrive at the best professional?

It’s a question that bothers many patients. Not all clinics are suitable for your condition or can deliver the results you want.

This article compiles five of the best criteria you can use to pick physical therapy clinics that address your needs. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Engage More Than One Clinic

The journey to a physical therapy clinic that matches your needs in terms of cost, experience, and specialization isn’t easy. Thus, the first tip is sampling a handful of clinics and engaging them based on their qualifications and capabilities.

Keep a close eye on how the staff relates to you and measure their level of professionalism during this process. Also, check the type of services they specialize in, their mode of treatment, and status of expertise.

Comparing PT costs from different clinics means you’ll get the best services at reasonable rates.

2. Seek Referrals

Seek recommendations from family members and friends who have sought physical therapy services at the clinic before.

Likewise, your primary physician may have contacts of reliable PT clinics that you can trust. If your health insurance covers the costs of a PT, consider asking your provider the list of clinics in their coverage.

Also, check online customer reviews on their websites or independent review sites like Yelp and BBB. Scroll through this link to see a practical example of customer reviews. 

3. Location

Physical therapy involves frequent visits to the clinic, either weekly or more. The schedules can go for several days or months before you complete treatment, depending on your condition. Thus, location is a significant factor when considering different options for clinics.

Ensure it’s a location you’re comfortable visiting frequently. Also, choose a PT clinic that doesn’t significantly affect your usual routine, as that may make it challenging to complete the appointments.

4. Treatment Time

The duration you take with your physical therapist on every visit is significant. For instance, a period that goes below 30 minutes may not be sufficient for your therapist to reassess your situation and progress—the more time per session, the better for you.

Similarly, ask whether you’ll be seeing one therapist until the end of your treatment or if each session has a different doctor. Consistency is essential for your healing.

5. Certification and Licensing

Check if the clinic is licensed to offer the services you need, and their therapists are certified to provide the treatments. In the case of mistakes, working with a nationally-recognized facility will ease tracking problems and finding solutions.

Additionally, trusting certified and licensed physical therapists gives you peace of mind. It’s also a way of guaranteeing the quality of the services.

Pick Physical Therapy Clinics Right, Guarantee Your Healing

Your relief from the nagging pains relies on your ability to pick physical therapy clinics right and work with exceptional professionals. PT practice is broad, and not every professional has the skills and experience necessary for your condition.

Likewise, not every facility in the pool of over 100,000 clinics delivers its promises. Thus, the more vigilant, the better. The tips in this article will make the process easier.

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By Manali