Your period is a vital part of your body’s natural rhythm. Yet, painful cramps, unfortunate timing, and bad PMS symptoms can make juggling menstruation and a busy lifestyle difficult. As a result, more and more women are looking at safe and reliable ways to take control of their period, which can significantly improve their lifestyle and relationships. From period suppression pills to menstrual tracking apps, there are multiple options to take back control of your period’s and body’s natural rhythms.

Many women find it hard to navigate how their hormones change throughout their cycles. One minute they are riding the high energy of their luteal phase – often feeling optimized, energized, and filled with a joie-de-vivre – and in the next, they’re feeling the slump of PMS symptoms four or five days before their cycles start. Getting on top of what is happening within your body can be an effective way to take back control – and several tracking apps allow women to navigate their body’s phases and take back agency over their menstruation. 

Menstruation can come at very inconvenient times for hundreds of women, whether or not you know your body and your period well. So, whether it is your wedding day, you have a hot date, or know you are going out of town, the option of delaying your period could be a desirable solution. The great news is that there are pills that can safely do this. Period delay tablets can delay your period for up to 17 days and only need to be taken three days before the start of your menstrual cycle. Of course, preparation and consistency are crucial to making sure this works, but if you need to stop your period for a special occasion, these pills will do the trick. 

In a similar vein, contraceptive pills also offer a lot of women the control they are looking for when it comes to managing their period. Not only does contraception help with safe sex practices, but many forms of birth control can help regulate your periods. Along with regulating your period, birth control can also help with some of the unfortunate side effects of menstruation – such as excruciating cramps. But, again, it is wise to discuss your options with your doctor to make sure you find the most suitable form of birth control for you. 

If you are looking for a more natural way to take control of your cycle, examining your diet can potentially help regulate your body’s hormone balance and set you on the right track. Certain foods and a lack of certain nutrients can affect your periods, so keeping an eye on what you consume is a very sensible way to take control and regulate your body. For example, it is good to get enough fats in your diet and avoid too much fiber. 

Whatever you decide, there is an option for you; there are many ways to take control of your period and get to know your body. 

By Manali