Color is an important element of digital marketing. The pallets you choose may affect or compromise a user’s experience. It is helpful to know a little about color psychology. Certain colors and color combinations have a unique effect on the people who see them. 

Colors can help your brand stand out from your competition via means of influencing how your target market sees and perceives your message. If you create an image that completely blends into your design, it can help make a lasting impression. Let’s take a quick look at the mood each color represent: 

 Red for excitement and passion 

 Orange for movement and energy 

 Yellow for warmth and happiness 

 Green for growth and calm 

 Blue for reliability and reliability 

 Purple for richness and luxury 

 Black, White, Gray for impact and professionalism 

 Brown for health and elegance 

Put together a suitable color scheme 

When you put together a palette for your brand or sets of two or more colors, you need to understand how the color scheme works to choose the right color combination. The three  most common are: 


This is a series of adjacent colors on the color wheel. Suppose you need red as one of the colors. Then select red-orange and orange as additional colors. 


This set includes the basic colors and the shades obtained by changing the lightness and saturation. 


These are three colors that face each other on the color wheel and connect their positions to form a triangle. The colors involved are often bright and contrasting. 

Why is brand color important in digital marketing?  

Makes it easier to identify your brand 

If you have a color palette that is properly selected for use in logos, posters, and advertisements, people who see them will soon get used to it. When they see colors like this, they will soon associate them with your brand. 

Helps connect emotions to content 

The brand color you choose is often included in the content you post. Whether it’s a photoshoot of a billboard ad or a video created with an online video editor, you need to understand the emotional reactions that color causes to achieve the desired effect. When done correctly, it can generate enough impact to attract enough attention to your audience’s desire to support your brand. 

Helps to attract the right audience 

There are certain colors that work well with certain groups of people. Pink may attract younger girls more, but older women may prefer blue. Younger men prefer blue, green, and black, while older men tend to prefer shades of purple. It’s important to investigate what works for your target audience based on age, gender, genre, and industry. 

Makes your website look uniform and neat

Imagine visiting a website that has a different color scheme for each web page. It’s pretty confusing, isn’t it? You can also forget which website you are visiting. Most companies create themed websites that look more appealing and memorable. You can find brand colors and incorporate them into borders, logos, infographics, images, and more. 

The power of color 

Often people think that color is just to add aesthetics and enliven things a bit. However, choosing the right color palette for your color scheme is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Choose the color that best represents your brand. Remember that the viewer is a visual creature and wants to influence as much as possible.

Author Bio – Ombir is SEO Executive at eRank Solutions. He is a SEO and Writer who has an experience of 2 years in these respective fields. He likes to spend his time doing research on various subjects.

By Manali