Instant Disability

Instant disability is the top rated insurance company at the moment which is very evident because of its large customer base. The policies of the insurance company are framed keeping in mind all the requirements and needs of the customers. The company provides insurance coverage to a wide spectrum of disabilities keeping in mind the financial and other societal problems that the disables grow through.

INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE has provided the opportunity to millions of people to secure their living with the help of our different insurance plans.

INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE provides different types of plans by considering almost all types of disabilities in our policies but we also think about the pockets of the insurer before creating insurance policy.

Our insurance policy is broadly divided into three types namely as follows:-

  1. short term disability insurance
  2. Long term disability insurance
  3. Permanent disability  insurance

The insurance policy is written in a very lucid way so that everyone reading the policy can understand the

• Motives

• Benefits,

• How to claim the insurance policy,

• Duration of policy,

• Rates and premium of the policy and

• Terms and conditions etc of the insurance policy.

We also give our customers the best assistance and advice while choosing the insurance policy by knowing their demands, health background, and proneness of getting disability, occupation or risks involved with the jobs, savings and earnings.

We give the best suited advice to our customers on the basis of knowing their whole condition and according to the need of the hour.

We have the best working culture in the company and our employees always look forward to resolving the query of our customers till the time they don’t get the feeling of satisfaction.

For availing benefits of insurance claim the process used is really very simple with least paper works and having single window clearance so that the customer can get the financial assistance in the time bound manner.

INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE Company is the most trusted insurance company because of the financial security, safety net and transparency provided by the company in every individual step. policies regarding the insurance company are really very flexible so if one wishes for an amendment in his policy that can also be done eg – If an employee having a permanent disability insurance policy leaves his job and continues in some other company then also his disability insurance policy will be continued and one can still get benefitted from the insurance policy.

INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE Company keeps on awaking the masses about the benefits of the disability insurance I case if they don’t have one then they should certainly go for it because it is hard for an individual to run their family expenses with little or no savings when you are not able to work due to injury or disability.

Hence, the concept of disability insurance introduced by INSTANT DISABILITY INSURANCE was to mitigate the risk and to provide financial protection to deal with unpleasant situations in their lives.

By Manali