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Islamabad Golf City is a contemporary housing community in Islamabad that is fresh new. Golf City Islamabad is a cutting-edge, well-planned development with a variety of enticing features and all of the most up-to-date facilities. Golf City Islamabad will fast become a popular destination to live and invest due to its excellent location near the Thalian Interchange.

Islamabad Golf City is a gated community with the most advanced security system available, providing you with peace of mind and 24-hour access via your smartphone. Islamabad Golf City is a well-designed development with a variety of enticing features and all of the most sophisticated facilities.

Furthermore, because Golf City Islamabad’s region will become a hub of business activity, the fact that the New Airport is only a few minutes away adds value in investor’s eyes.

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No Objection Certificate – NOC – Islamabad Golf City:

Once the No Objection Certificate – NOC is approved, which is expected soon, the developers hope to open the Islamabad Golf City housing complex. Although the appropriate authorities have yet to issue it, the progress indicates that it is well underway and that the Capital Development Authority – CDA would give the NOC in the near future.

Owners and Developers of Islamabad Golf City:

Islamabad Golf City is being created by a joint venture led by Mr. Muhammad Usman Khan, who has previously worked on projects such as Capital Smart City. The Islamabad Golf City housing development’s developers have previously completed a number of notable projects and are focused on delivering verifiable and quantifiable marketing and advertising outcomes.

In recent years, they have launched a number of the most promising and amazing ideas, and the Islamabad Golf City project is one of them.

Islamabad Golf City is located in the city of Islamabad:

Because it effects their life in a number of ways, location is one of the aspects that buyers evaluate while shopping for a house, property, or advertising business. However, there is no need to be concerned about the location of Islamabad Golf City because it is situated in one of the most favourable regions in the region.

Islamabad Golf City’s Accessibility Points:

The following are some of the places of access from Islamabad Golf City:

  1. M-2 Motorway is roughly 05 minutes away from Islamabad Golf City.
  • Airport Avenue is roughly 05 minutes away from Islamabad Golf City.
  • The distance between Islamabad Golf City and Islamabad International Airport is roughly 11 minutes.
  • The Srinagar Highway is roughly 12 minutes away from Islamabad Golf City.
  • Rawalpindi – Kohat Road is around 15 minutes distant from Islamabad Golf City.
  • N-80 takes around 17 minutes to reach Islamabad Golf City.
  • Fatima Jinnah University is around 21 minutes away from Islamabad Golf City.
  • Thalian Interchange is around a 5-minute drive from Islamabad Golf City.

Master plan:

The Master Plan for Islamabad Golf City is incredibly well-designed and constructed, creating a beautiful sight. Because of its perfect location, cutting-edge facilities, and cutting-edge planning.

One of Islamabad’s greatest real estate projects is Islamabad Golf City. It’s a great area to invest in real estate and start a business in Islamabad.

The project Golf City Islamabad is meant to cater to every aspect of life, including residential plots, commercial plots, and a variety of other amenities. The Islamabad Golf City project is also developing some of the greatest multi-purpose complexes, where you may buy Apartments and Shops for Sale. Get the idea from the Eighteen Islamabad Master Plan.

Why Invest in the Golf City of Islamabad?

The future of Islamabad is Islamabad Golf City, which is positioned between the Motorway and the Airport Intersection. Islamabad Golf City is one of the closest communities to the airport, and there are several more well-known locations nearby. Second, it’s located behind I-16, with plans to grow to the Federal Capital’s border in the near future.

Islamabad Golf City is bringing the true spirit of life to Islamabad by constructing a residential development in the heart of Pakistan. The developers have done an outstanding job by leaving 40% of the land green, which is especially beneficial to individuals who like sports and wish to live in peace with nature.

By Manali