Peardeck offers educators the power to craft engaging presentations and engage their students in engaging activities. is a subdomain of that allows students to take part in interactive presentations. Teachers can share the code via email or text message for easy sharing with students.

Pear Deck does not require students to create an account in order to access the presentation, and teachers can even sign up anonymously. is a website, specifically a microsite or subdomain on that redirects users to where students enter their 5-character code shared by teachers to join a Peardeck presentation or session.

Students are instructed to join a Peardeck presentation by their teacher. To do this, they’ll need to use a browser such as Chrome, Firefox Safari, Safari or Safari and enter the code provided. After doing this you will be able to view slides from the student dashboard.

Join a Pear Deck session using Join Code

Students can join Pear Deck sessions by entering their teacher-provided Join Code. Participants may join with or without a username.

  • Join a Peardeck session using your Join Code.
  • Your teacher will provide you with a Join Code that allows you to access Pear Deck presentations or sessions.
  • Launch a browser and navigate to (
  • Type the five-character Join Code into the box provided.
  • Wait for the Pear deck session to load.

If your teacher requests that you log in via email, then you will automatically be logged into your account.

Joining a Pear Deck Session with a Join Link

Adding yourself to a session on Peardeck is as easy as clicking the link provided.

Join a Peardeck session by using this Join link:

  • Check the message or email your teacher sent about a Peardeck session and click on “Join Link.”
  • You can open this in any browser; we recommend Google Chrome but other browsers work too.
  • Once you have joined the session, you can access the Student View. Here, you can view slides and respond to interactive questions from your teachers.

The Pear Deck provides an inspiring learning environment for both students and educators alike.

Sign Up for Pear’s Guide for Teachers

Pear Deck offers teachers a way to create engaging presentations that make learning fun and effortless for students. This add-on works seamlessly with Google Slides.

Students can join a Peardeck session using their email address, and teachers can save their login settings for future sessions.

They can change their passwords at any time by accessing settings or turning off or on student login. You can join by either entering a code at, or using the Join Link provided.

Students Can Login With Email to Access Pear Deck Sessions

Teachers can invite their students to join Peardeck sessions by using their email addresses.

This is an effective way for students to keep track of their attendance and mark it as attended. They can log in:

  • To create your personal profile on Pear Deck, begin by opening the app.
  • Click “+” to create it; then, select “My Account”, followed by Settings.
  • Scroll down until you come to the section “Require Student Logins”.
  • Here, students must select which type of account they should use and click ON to proceed. Without their email, they won’t be allowed to join Pear Deck sessions.

Students Can Join Pear Deck Sessions Anonymously

To enable anonymous access to Pear Deck sessions, simply take these steps and select OFF in “Require student log-ins”. Now your students are free to join sessions without providing their email addresses.

Students can join anonymously by creating an avatar, nickname or username. Teachers will notice a prompt at the bottom indicating that students have joined using avatars or nicknames.

It is an ideal way to have some fun while taking classes. Students should sign up for serious courses using their email address.

By Manali