When looking for a realtor to help you buy or sell your home, it is crucial to find the best person possible.

After all, they represent you and have an incentive to get the highest price possible for your house. You are also putting your trust in someone else’s hands– so be sure to check out these hints on what to ask!

1: How Long Have You Been A Real Estate Agent?

Generally, experienced agents will have better negotiation skills. If they have been doing this for a while, they will know what to do and how! Just make sure that they are not too old.

2: What Is Your Negotiation Style?

It may be helpful to find an agent who uses a more aggressive approach when handling negotiations. If you are not particularly strong in having difficult conversations, then this may be the best option for you.

Of course, if you feel entirely comfortable in this area, then you can choose someone more laid back.

3: Have You Ever Bought Or Sold A Property Yourself?

If they have done it once or twice before, this will undoubtedly give them the experience they need to get the job done right! After all, no one wants an amateur on their side.

Of course, if this is their first time, they may need to spend some extra time studying up on the subject.

4: Do You Have Any References?

Of course, no one expects to be giving out personal information just like that! And if someone asks for it right away, then there is a good chance they are not who they say they are. However, if they have a few references lined up and ready to go, then you know that they are legitimate.

5: Have You Worked With Anyone Close To My Area Before?

Who would have guessed that location does matter when buying or selling a house?!

It is vital for your real estate agent to have experience in the neighborhood and area you are selling in– otherwise, they might not know the right way to approach your sale.

6: What Sort Of Training Have You Had?

To ensure that they know what they are doing, it is a good idea to ask them about their training.

Of course, if someone has a lot of classes under their belt, this shows that they took the initiative and worked hard to become a professional real estate agent. It may be a sign of a hard worker and someone who will give their all for you.

7: Are You Licensed?

If they are not, then it is probably best to look elsewhere. After all, if a realtor cannot get the proper licensing from the state, what good could they do for you? Make sure that whomever you hire has their credentials in order, just to be safe!

It may not be the best choice if you need someone who knows what they are doing rather than someone still learning.

8: How Will You Market My Home?

What kind of marketing strategies are they planning on using to sell your house? And how soon do they expect it to be sold?

Generally, more tried and tested marketing methods are always better than something new that has never been used before.

If they have a good reputation for selling homes quickly, then you know that they will be able to do the same for yours!

9: What Are Your Fees And Commissions?

It is crucial to find out exactly how much you will be paying and how it works. Some agents take a flat rate, and others go on commission. It may be best to choose someone who takes a flat fee to avoid any problems in the future.

10: What Is Your Normal Timeline For Selling Homes Like This?

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, it would be nice to know how long it will take. Of course, you don’t want to wait too long, but you also don’t want to be pushed along faster than what is good for you!

11: Do You Have Other Suggestions As To How I Can Prepare My Home?

When someone comes to view your house, do they have any tips or tricks that would help make the sale easier?

While they should not do all of the work for you, it is nice to know what they propose and if their ideas will help you in any way.

12: How Do You Decide How Much My House Should Cost?

Yes, it’s great that you are finally ready to sell your home, but what will the selling price be? You might want to know a little more about how they decide on a monetary value.

Generally speaking, an excellent real estate agent should have previous experience and knowledge in this area.


The best way to find the perfect real estate agent for you is by asking these questions. If you are looking for help buying or selling your home, contact our Eastern Long Island realtor today, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

At Eastern Long Islandhomes, we know that this process can feel daunting– but don’t worry! Our team has experience in all facets of this field, so there’s no need to stress out about anything when working with us!

Let our expert team guide you through every step of the process (from finding a house, negotiating price on your behalf) while also providing invaluable guidance along the way.

By Manali