Are you on the hunt for a live sportsbook betting site? A site that offers you bonuses to just keep you going in the gambling industry? Well, look no further as me88 is the only live sportsbook betting site you will ever need.

With massive bonuses and rewards that help players binge on the platform for hours. The platform offers players over a hundred games to choose from basketball and football to MMA and badminton.

While there are other considerable features that the platform provides you, one thing you can surely expect from me88 online casino Singapore is to get the best odds while gambling. They also have the best sportsbooks like BTi, MaxBet, CMD368, and Betradar.

Though many sites offer promotions and bonuses to their loyal players, me88 has something big to offer for everyone. So here we will be listing some of the massive bonuses that me88 has to offer which makes this platform the best when it comes to sports betting. So let’s get started!

Welcome Bonus

If you are into massive bonuses then me88 has something different to offer. Players like to title this bonus the Sportsbook Sign-up offer as this is an offer you can’t refuse.

The bonus offers players 168% of the deposited amount that can be claimed up to SGD 1000. The 168% are divided into the first three deposits that are made by the gamer.

For the first deposit, you will get 30% and on the second deposit, you will get 38% of your amount. While on the third deposit you will receive 100% of your total deposit.

The minimum deposit to claim these bonuses is 50 SGD. And To get these bonuses in your account players must contact the customer support team through live chat.

Weekly Rescue Bonus

A good gambling site is always the one that has your back when you are having a hard time with your luck. me88 understands that there can be dark days for players while they gamble.

To avoid gamblers quitting their site, they have a weekly rescue bonus as well. The bonus is awarded weekly to players that have suffered financially while gambling throughout the week.

Players can claim up to 1888 SGD once a week but to claim this bonus, players have to suffer a financial loss from anywhere between 2500 SGD to 4999 SGD.

Now some players might feel like this is still a loss but having something is better than having nothing at all. And who knows you might never even have to claim this bonus as there are other amazing ones on this list.

Brand Migration Bonus

Moving from a different gambling site to me88 can be a challenge for some of us. And to motivate players to make this migration, me88 offers a migration bonus as well to all the new members.

All players have to do is add a minimum deposit of 100 SGD and in return, they will get 68 SGD for free. The offer can only be claimed once and has an expiry of 7 days.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that the playthrough of this bonus is 5x and this offer is only valid for players who haven’t made their first deposit yet.

The Weekly Crypto Bonus

When talking about massive bonuses, how can we forget the crypto bonus? If you are a player who’s into modern cryptocurrency then this bonus is the one you want to claim out of many that are on this list.

With the least playthrough of 3x players get to enjoy this bonus the most while betting on sports. The minimum deposit to claim this bonus is 100 SGD while players can make their deposit either via USDT or BTC to get themselves an 8% bonus that can be claimed up to 588 SGD every week.

Daily Sports Reload Bonus & Cash Rebates

Having daily bonuses from your gambling site is important as it’s one of the things that keeps you going in the gambling industry. And me88 fully understands the importance of cash rebates and daily bonuses more than any other platform.

If you are betting online sports you can get a 10% deposit bonus which can be claimed for up to 300 SGD. The playthrough for players to claim this bonus is 8x with a minimum deposit of 50 SGD and the daily sports bonus can be claimed within 30 days.

The platform also offers a 0.9% cash rebate for sports that can be claimed daily. Though the rebate goes as high as 1.2% but on live casino games only. Players get rebates according to their tiers.

The lowest tier is silver and gets a percentage of 0.4 while the highest tier is Royal which can be achieved by invitation only. And at the Royal tier players get a percentage of 0.9.

Though these bonuses might not have a major impact on your bank balance, having a small proportion like this can help you keep going. More me88 bonuses and promotions here:

Birthday Bonus

It doesn’t matter if you love betting on ice hockey or cricket, me88 has it all for its players. What’s more, to offer is that the platform also has a birthday bonus for its players so they don’t feel left out.

Through this birthday bonus players can win up to 1388 SDG but to claim this, players have a time duration of their birth month and can be claimed during that month only or within 7 days of the birthdate.

For players to claim the amount, they have to contact customer support via live chat and after verification of personal details, the money will be transferred to their account.

Final Words

Having a live sportsbook betting site that offers you massive bonuses can be a blessing in disguise. Though be sure to go through all the terms and conditions before you claim any of the bonuses. While making sure that you bet on your best sports to make the maximum amount of bonus for yourself.

By Manali