Metarun is a unique and interesting blockchain-based P2E multiplayer runner-game that has complete ownership of assets. The game has been designed to create a multi-million gaming environment and the users that are considered to be non-gaming can enjoy a fraction of the crypto-ecosystem with the NFT assets and its tokens, which are often known as $MRUN.

With a marketplace that is NFT focused, Metarun works on a conventional gameplay mechanism that offers players an opportunity to earn while playing. The graphics that the game features are awesome, and it is famous for its low entry barriers. This is one of the contributing factors to the highest number of people who are playing this game. The players get to enjoy various in-game rewards that are amazingly attractive.

In the Metarun game, all the characters that are featured are NFT assets, and you can upgrade them with gemstones, $MRUN tokens, and virtual cash that are available in-game. The players can use the available characters to fulfill a mission, win their battles, and earn prizes in numerous types of games, including PvP and P2E systems.

Also, the players can create their own NFTs, trade them, and also earn them. Moreover, users can make use of the highly gamified marketplace to create or even earn NFT assets. Also, users can access NFT-backed ecommerce stores that are highly user-friendly without any gas fees.

How to play Metarun

1. Choose your characters

Before you start to play this amazing game, you will first have to choose your characters. It’s only after you have picked the characters that you can race down the never-ending road that is full of mysteries and adventures. The characters that are available include ORO-Fighter Craftsman, The Fighter, and The Sprinter and IGNIS-Wizard. You can select your character based on what suits your online gaming strategy.

2. Play and earn mechanics

While earning mechanics, you can begin your never-ending journey in the PVP or PVE game modes and race through the entire level. In the process, you earn rewards and also earn $MRUN tokens while at the same time playing the game that interests you the most.

3. Go for the traditional gameplay

Metarun does away with the auto-fighting system that is the norm in most of the crypto games that are available out there. Instead, Metarun is bringing the best of conventional online gaming into the world of crypto gaming.

4. Lease your NFTs to other players

If need be, you can start lending other players your NFTs, especially when you are not using them. This way, you can share the rewards that they earn from using your NFTs.


Metarun is an interesting mobile-runner game that has NFT assets. This incredible game includes a cross-chain marketplace that allows for in-game NFT trading and lots of other features that allow players to earn while playing. This game is easy to play, and we hope this short guide can help you get started.

By Manali