QNET, the global lifestyle and wellness-focused company that utilizes a direct selling model celebrates 25 years of enabling people to live their best lives. The company celebrated its milestone anniversary with two back-to-back conventions in Penang, Malaysia. In September, 20,000 attendees from more than 20 countries gathered for the back-to-back celebrations in Southeast Asia. 

Despite a quarter century of growth and expansion, the wellness and lifestyle company is often mistaken for a scam or pyramid scheme. However, it’s an entirely legal business, which is why QNET isn’t banned in India and the company welcomed thousands of Indian micro-entrepreneurs at the convention. 

During the five-day summits, attendees gained valuable insights about the industry during business-building training sessions and deepened their understanding of the company and its exclusive, premier products. They experienced demonstrations and had the opportunity to engage with experts and learn more about the possibilities for entrepreneurial success from independent representatives.

QNET is committed to sustainability. As such, it implemented multiple eco-conscious initiatives during the event to lower its carbon footprint. The company selected the Setia SPICE Convention Center for the double conventions. The venue is a smart choice for the company since it’s the world’s first hybrid solar-powered convention center. The Setia SPICE Convention Center is Green Building Index-certified and bottles its drinking water in-house. In an effort toachieve its net-zero goals, the venue also implements rainwater harvesting and waste segregation. 

QNET purposely partnered with environmentally responsible vendors for booth construction. It also went to great lengths to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce printed materials by utilizing digital alternatives such as QR codes and using reusable bags composed of eco-friendly materials for their merchandise and product sales.

To offset its 25th-anniversary convention’s carbon footprint, the wellness and lifestyle product company promised to plant 2,500 trees in Malaysia. “We are immensely proud of the empowering ecosystem we’ve nurtured, grounded in our core philosophy of RYTHM— Raise Yourself To Help Mankind,” stated MalouCaluza, QNET’s CEO.

Caluza continued, “As we commemorate this significant milestone, we also cast our eyes forward to a future filled with promise and potential. With our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global community-building, QNET is poised to not only adapt but thrive in the dynamic landscape of wellness and lifestyle, offering unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurship and personal development to individuals around the world.”

New Products Showcased at the Silver Anniversary Celebration

Attendees enjoyed state-of-the-art exhibitions that showcased the company’s diverse history, thriving business journey, special promotions, and exclusive merchandise. 

The wellness and lifestyle product company debuted two new products at the convention. One is a new line from Swiss watchmaker Bernhard H. Mayer. The Bernhard H. Mayer Omni Watch Collection is a range of timepieces crafted with eco-friendly materials that are LEED certified, which means they meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for leadership in energy and environmental design. These stunning timepieces intersect sustainability and luxury, so everyone can feel good about wearing them around their wrist. 

Sustainability in consumption is the responsible choice of those committed to a cleaner, healthier planet. The Omni Watch collection is the right choice for those who want to be mindful of the environment without compromising on style. The watch features at least 85% recycled stainless steel in its dial, buckles, case, and metal bracelets. The colored straps are durable and nontoxic and are made from recycled thermoplastic polyurethane certified by the Recycled Claim Standard. 

According to the company’s official blog, Qbuzz, “This collection is a beacon of hope for those who want to align their style with their environmental values. Just as Bernhard H. Mayer stands the test of time with its enduring commitment to quality and sustainability, we aspire for the world to do the same.”

The company also launched the HomePure Nova with Pi-Plus Cartridge at the conventions. It’s an enhanced version of QNET’s bestselling HomePure Nova nine-stage water filtration system. It’s best-in-class for household use since it utilizes ultrafiltration technology to deliver clean, nourishing pi-water. The new technology has many advantages, including the ability to remove 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses from drinking water.

Independent representatives and consumers enjoy the HomePure Nova because of its potential for improving hydration and bolstering the antioxidant benefits of drinking water. According to the company, the Pi-Plus filter cartridge boosts the filter with 15% more pi-water ceramics, which makes it even easier for bodies to absorb and has more substantial antioxidant properties. 

It’s a company that not only helps people enhance their lives through its products and entrepreneurial opportunities but also helps them realize their potential to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, the actions of some unethical individuals have had a negative effect on the wellness and lifestyle product company.

Why Is QNET Not Banned in India?

QNET is not banned in India because it is a legitimate wellness and lifestyle company that uses a direct selling model to sell its products. In 2017, the Indian Karnataka High Court determined that direct selling, specifically QNET, doesn’t fit the category of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act (PCMC Act), 1978.

Direct selling is one of India’s fastest-growing industries, yet it’s been criticized in the media and accused of being a scam. However, with a little research into how companies like QNET utilize a direct selling platform, anyone can understand that it offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurial advancement. 

The company has helped empower millions of motivated micro-entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries. It’s headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide through branch offices, franchisees, agency partnerships, and subsidiaries.

The wellness and lifestyle product company istransparent about its business operations. It prides itself on educating its independent representatives about the proper way to represent the company’s products and its name so as not to tarnish its reputation for excellence.

It’s a member of the Direct Selling Association in multiple countries, the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, and the Hong Kong Health Food Association. It’s focused on another 25-plus years of success and sustainability. Caluza stated, “Here’s to the next chapter of impacting lives positively and promoting holistic wellness as we continue this remarkable journey together.”

By Manali