Car owners often face situations when they must replace worn-off body parts. This includes internal and external parts. In the latter case, individuals often have to invest a fortune! However, we will include other cost-effective and convenient options in this article. 

What Steps To Take When You Need A Car Part Replacement?

In most cases, car owners must replace auto parts because of environmental or mechanical damage. Mechanical damage means that the car got hit or damaged in other ways. Overall, there’s an instruction on what one must do to replace a damaged part with a new one:

  • Determine which parts require replacement. Examine your vehicle to determine which parts require repair. You may require the replacement of front or back bumpers, fenders, doors, hoods, mirrors, etc. 
  • Order or buy the replacement component. After you’ve spotted the broken or worn-off part(s), you should buy a replacement from your local auto parts store, a third party online, such as, or your vehicle manufacturer. To avoid misunderstanding, make sure you have the exact part number.
  • Set up your workspace. Find a clean, well-lit place in which to work safely. Remove any obstructions from the workplace and verify that you have all the required tools.
  • Remove the worn-off component. Remove the damaged part from your vehicle using the proper tools. To avoid inflicting more damage, carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Replace the damaged component. Install the new item carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that all bolts, screws, and clips are securely fastened.
  • Put the new component. When you’ve replaced the replacement part, test it to check it’s working properly. Make any required modifications if you notice any strange noises or movements.

The best solution is to contact a professional who can complete the replacement. You can find a local workshop nearby. However, you must order the part to replace the old one. One of the best options is to contact Painted Auto Body Parts and order a pre-painted car body part. It’s one of the cheapest solutions that guarantee the best quality. However, let’s see other options before we discuss painted car body parts. 

The Best Solutions Regarding Car Parts Replacement

The best solution is to choose a car body part of great quality. However, let’s first see all available options:

  • OEM parts. It means ordering parts from The Original Equipment Manufacturer. For instance, if you own a Ford, you must contact the Ford company to order a replacement part. The problem is that your car may be older, and they no longer produce body parts. Even f they do, it may not be the cheapest solution, especially since you would have to paint that part later after installation.
  • Aftermarket parts. It’s a more affordable solution, but it may lack quality. You must ensure to use a reliable provider. Otherwise, you will get an auto body part that doesn’t fit your car.
  • Pre-painted car body parts. Buy car parts from a third-party company, like Painted Auto Body Parts, to get pre-painted parts. It’s one of the most affordable and easiest solutions since all you must do is wait until the car part is installed at the dealership. The car doesn’t need to be painted afterward since the separate part is pre-painted and perfectly matches the entire car’s color. 

These are some of the best available solutions. You may also shop for older body parts at garage sales, but you will less likely to get quality detail. The ideal solution is to use a pre-painted car part. 

By Manali