Burger Lab is one of K-most town’s popular fast food restaurants. The best thing about them is that there is no pre-cooked food; everything is prepared fresh to order. These guys have literally reinvented the burger scene in Karachi by introducing new flavours that most people have never heard of, such as the doppler, the big boom, and the nuker.

These burgers have revolutionized the mindset of all Karachi burger aficionados; no one could have envisioned introducing these flavours to them before Burger Lab, and they have also influenced other burger joints to boost their game.

The joint offers an excellent value for money and will not let you down. Burger Lab also offers delectable cheese fries and their one-of-a-kind animal fries, which are piled high with cheese chicken bits and a variety of sauces. They also have a broad selection of shakes and mojitos that complement their burgers perfectly.

That is what we knew burger lab to be a year prior when this became my last meal before starting to eat clean and attempting to shed some kgs. 

Yesterday though we thought of having a cheat meal with my favorite burger lab. The second I opened the packaging the aromas went right to my heart, and my mouth started salivating. That is what prompted me to write this review. 

Let’s start shall we? 


BurgerLab has some experts working on their packaging. The food comes nicely wrapped in a brown casing with the name written in red. The best thing is when you open up the wrapper, you find a perfectly tugged burger instead of a jigsaw puzzle that you need to remake. You can even use the wrappers as a burger diaper that catches all the dripping sauce and keeps you clean. Also, they can be a great alternative to use as a tissue, which I did as BurgerLab forgot to give me some. Also, there is no plastic in the packaging, making it environmentally safe. That is a huge plus in my books to think that my garbage isn’t staying on the earth more than me. 

The Food

The food, OMG the food was good in short. Keep on reading for a full detailed review too.

The Doppler (Chicken)

Miss the time when zingers were all the rage and everyone – absolutely everyone – would do anything to get them? For us Pakistanis here, the trend became so serious that it neglected to fade away and give way to innovative burger varieties, and aren’t we glad it didn’t? Burger Lab’s Doppler is really just the perfect zing. This one has a pretty simple taste – it’s mayo-centric and has two decently sized crispy fried chicken patties and a ton of iceberg lettuce. This was my friend’s order and she loved it, I personally didn’t enjoy it that much as I am not a big fan of mayo-centric burgers. 

The stacked cheese and mayo enhance the burger’s juiciness, and I don’t think it could have been done any better for this one.

The Whacky (Beef)

I on the other hand ordered this thack Whacky right here.  Beef burgers, in my opinion, do more credit to the concept of burgers and just taste superior.

The Whacky is jam-packed with jalapenos that I love and comes in the same bun as its Doppler. It is the textbook medium-rare beef burger, which is ultimate for someone like me. I adore how the juicy soft patties, as well as all of the saucy cheese and tinge of mayo, melt on your tongue in a matter of seconds and provide a complete blast of flavour in one bite. You know, ‘Cravings sorted’ type of thing. This is what I will recommend you to order if you just want one thing. 

The Fries – Animal and Regular

I gave the Animal fries at BL a try because the picture just spoke to me. The fries were delish with the perfect topping. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like their fries drenched in a delicious sauce with a bit of jalapeno and crispy onions.

However, we were so glad that we have ordered a huge plain fries serving as well. The animal fries had so much sauce that it was completely consumed by the plain ones as well. I mixed it everything up and still had the extra sauce to douse it with.

The serving size is adequate, but the price tag may be off-putting to some. But I wouldn’t complain right now because these were freshly made for me and my friend and we loved each bite. Who wants to have trouble with fries that are hot and fresh?

Is it worth the price? I’d think it is. So that was my experience with BL this time.

Important to mention that I had these delicacies delivered via Foodpanda on the Savyour app, my favourite app as it gives me a percent of my money in the form of money back.

By Manali