Over fifteen percent of men and over five percent of women suffer from sleep apnea.

But, how do you actually recognize that you have sleep apnea? You’re asleep after all.

Well, we’ve got the information you need. Let’s go through the sleep apnea signs you need to watch out for.

1. Waking Up Constantly

If you find yourself frequently waking up throughout the night, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. Of course, other things could be waking you up. If you sleep in a noisy or bright area, it could be an issue. Your partner, roommates, or children may be disturbing you.

If you have bladder issues and have to go to the bathroom throughout the night, it will naturally wake you up. But, if there is no other reason that you find yourself constantly waking up, it could be sleep apnea.

2. Constantly Being Tired

Because sleep apnea disrupts your sleep, suffers often find themselves feeling tired even after a full night of sleep. You may find that the fatigue sticks around throughout the day.

That’s part of why it’s important to get sleep apnea diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Your doctor can help you understand what CPAP devices and supplies will work for your needs.

3. Chronic Snoring

Does your partner constantly complain about your snoring? Well, sleep apnea might be to blame. That’s especially true if you’ve already tried lots of different measures to combat your snoring.

But, snoring isn’t the only noise that your partner might notice. People with sleep apnea also make other noises. You may gasp in their sleep. You may make choking sounds that could alarm your partner.

4. Dryness and Soreness

As you can imagine, sleep apnea can dry out your mouth. If you always wake up with dry mouth, along with other symptoms it could be a warning sign. Mouth breathing, which often accompanies sleep apnea, can make your dry mouth worse.

You could even begin waking up with a dry throat, which can be a very uncomfortable sensation. But, other problems can cause dry mouth and dry throat. Certain medications can cause these issues.

As can other chronic health issues, like diabetes, HIV/AIDs, mumps, and some cardiovascular conditions. However, you’ll probably notice significant other side effects if you’re suffering from any of the more severe chronic health conditions.

Short-term problems can also cause dry mouth. If your dry mouth is a recent development, it might just be a sign of dehydration. Infections, like thrush, could also result in dry mouth.

Watch Out for These Sleep Apnea Signs Today

If you suffer from any of these sleep apnea signs, talk to your doctor ASAP. That way, you can get evaluated and, if you do have sleep apnea, get your condition treated without delay.

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By Manali